Epic Games Continues ‘Free Fornet’ Campaign with Impressive Apple-Inspired Press Pack

Epic Games Continues 'Free Fornet' Campaign with Impressive Apple-Inspired Press Pack

Since Fornite was banned from the App Store in August this year, Epic Games has been promoting a boycott of Apple products through special tournaments and ridiculous campaigns. This week, Epic sent some influencers a kit with a “free fortnightly” jacket and a Galaxy Tab S7, further fueling Apple’s criticism of the company.

The gift comes in a white box that mimics Apple’s product box. Inside is a custom jacket with a “Free Fornet” slogan and a logo that somehow matches the design of the Apple logo and even the colored stripes.

In addition to the jacket, the Impressions Kit comes with a brand new Galaxy Tab S7 – one of the iPad’s opponents. The box also includes a letter from the Epic Games team stating that although users can no longer find Fortnite on the App Store or Google Play, the game is available on the Samsung Galaxy Store.


Fornite was named the Samsung Galaxy Store Game of the Year for the year 2020. In celebration, we have teamed up with Samsung to send you a special box of #FreeFortnite gear. Although FortNet may not be available on the App Store or Google Play at this time, you can still get the latest FortNet updates from the Epic Games app on the Galaxy Store. Spread the word, #freefornite.

Thank you,
Epic Games Team.

Months ago, Epic Games also offered Android devices and Windows PCs as a reward to Fortenet players in another attempt to boycott Apple. The two companies are now fighting in court, and the first hearing is expected in July 2021.

Although the judge presiding over the case is not convinced by Epic’s arguments, Apple CEO Tim Cook and software engineering vice president Craig Federer will have to testify against the App Store rules.

Epic sued Apple in August, claiming that the company manages the App Store with “monopoly practices” because it forces developers to pay a percentage commission for every sale made through the App Store and its in-house purchasing system. Does.

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