Eric Trump calls NFL ‘officially dead’ over players’ plan to protest during national anthem

Eric Trump calls NFL ‘officially dead’ over players’ plan to protest during national anthem

The announcement was made by Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump NFL Died on Monday.

Trump responded to a Washington Examiner’s article about it on Twitter Dallas County Defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford has revealed the team and given the players the “green light” to perform during the national anthem.

Traine Crawford: The youngsters gave the ‘green light’ to protect the unique time, some wanted to catch the eye

“Football is officially dead – it’s too much for the ‘American game’. Goodbye NFL … I’m gone, “wrote Trump’s executive vice president.

Crawford revealed that Dallas officials had given the players a chance to protest during the national anthem.

“We certainly do [have] All that is going to bring a green light, but also a speed that is just trying to find something. It’s not just something that’s going to happen once people look at it and swipe some sort of thing with it, they’re like, ‘Oh, that’s great. The Ka Bo Boys did it, and swipe it, “Crawford said Dallas Morning News.

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“We want to do something that accelerates and that’s something that people remember and it really makes a difference and we’ll find out.”

Cobo Boyce owner Jerry Jones was asked during his radio spot on Tuesday 105.3 Fans in Dallas About the reaction of the performing players and fans.

“It’s a big issue. Heavy. You know by the nature of the team I run that I appreciate the interest of the Dallas Cowboys, “said Jones. “Now I know that they are interested only because they want to see us lose, but there is still a lot of interest. I am very sensitive to this. That is why I have said that I want our players to be very sensitive to us which is important for the majority of our fans, more sensitive than any other team, the majority of our fans are realizing that this is a great country. What is. And what is this flag.

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“Everyone knows where I stand. And there is no compromise at all. I’m lucky to be part of an entity, the Dallas Cowboys, and a game that has a lot of interest. As a result, I want everyone to understand that if a player is standing there, they have a serious, serious, serious kind of awareness and they ask for help. It’s not good to be a hindrance or anything good if you’re asking people to look you in the eye and see it your way. It is important to be kind. It’s all about trying to move the ball to see where the other guy is coming from. Not necessarily to agree, but to see where he is coming from. I hope the Dallas Cowboys can only be a part of it because they are interested in what we are talking about this morning. ”

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The players made it clear that the protest during the national anthem was not about the flag or the army but about raising awareness about racial injustice and police brutality. Players are expected to perform during the national anthem in upcoming games.

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