Ernesto Arazzo says that Brazil has “everything to do with good relations” with the Biden government – 01/21/2021

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By Ricardo Britto

BRAS BRLIA (Reuters) – Foreign Minister Ernesto Arazzo said on Thursday that Brazil has “everything to do with good relations” with the government of newly installed President Joe Biden of the United States and noted that two countries have a lot , Such as demonstrations in the field of security and defense of democracy.

Broadcasting on social media with President Jair Bolsonaro, Araujo stated that both sides have interests, for example, the business community. He also stated that he intends to work with the United States on the issue of the environment.

However, the Chancellor said that there is a problem because Brazil has to see what it is, and not for the “distortions” that have been published by the press.

During the White House race last year, Democrat Biden criticized the Bolsonaro government’s environmental policy, which was enthusiastic at the time of the re-election of then-US President, Republican Donald Trump.

Bolsonaro was one of the chief executives most reluctant to congratulate Biden for his victory in the US presidential elections held last November, and he repeatedly reaffirmed Trump’s allegations, without any evidence. That the United States elections were fraudulent. .

The day before, however, Bolsonaro sent a letter to Biden, stating that the two countries were interested in a “comprehensive free trade agreement” that would generate more employment and investment and enhance the global competitiveness of their companies.

Ernesto Arazzo also stated in the broadcast that the new US government recognized opposition leader Juan Guado as the legitimate president of Venezuela. This is a situation similar to the Brazilian government.

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The Chancellor stressed that Venezuela’s position cannot be accepted and it calls for measures to reach a solution in the neighboring country, which faces a severe economic crisis during the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

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