“Eternal Radiance” classic Japanese style ARPG is scheduled to land on Switch/PlayStation platform “Eternal Radiance” on 1/13

“Eternal Radiance” classic Japanese style ARPG is scheduled to land on Switch/PlayStation platform “Eternal Radiance” on 1/13

VisualNoveller announces “Japanese-style action role-playing game”eternal genius(Eternal Radiance)” will be available on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 on January 13.

Ieternal genius“is a game based on the classic Japanese action RPG. It was first launched on the Steam platform in December 2020, and is now out on the Switch and PS4 / PS5 platforms. In the game, players will be able to embark on an adventure journey called Apprentice Knight. Will play the role of “Listie”. Listie leaves her hometown to pursue a thief. During her journey across the continent, she will uncover the dark conspiracy behind the thief’s actions, prove her strength and become a true knight. Will become

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The official said the game’s story is based on the character, describing the warm and humorous conversation between him and his companions Farana and Ruby in the process of chasing down a thief. Along with a fast-paced and exciting action combat system, players can adjust Listy’s fighting style to suit their personal style through the skill tree and upgrade system.


  • character drama-Listy and her companions Farana and Ruby will travel around the continent, learn about the world, learn about history, and uncover the conspiracy that’s just around the corner…
  • exciting dynamic combat– Challenge a variety of enemies with an exciting action combat system. Plan the battle, cast the Almighty and destroy your enemies!
  • beautiful and mysterious world– Explore farms, towns and dungeons in this wondrous world shrouded in a haze of the past.
  • custom development– A huge and varied skill tree that allows you to customize Listy’s fighting style.
  • Task– In addition to the main story, various side quests and activities allow you to explore “eternal genius“The world and its characters. Learn the backstories, help people in difficult situations, and work together with your friends to cope with whatever difficulties they face.”
  • team mate conversation– Over the course of the journey, the three main characters will gradually develop and change, and their bonds will continue to deepen during entertaining conversations. A variety of interesting conversations add color to their friendship.
  • enchant– Use magical relics to enchant to strengthen equipment and skills.

game information

  • Game name:eternal genius

  • Original name of the game: Eternal Radiance

  • Game Type: Action RPG

  • Compatible Platforms: Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / PC (Steam)

  • Release date: January 13th, 2022 Switch / PS4 / PS5 . For
    PC version December 16, 2020

  • MSRP: $19.99 (Steam version NT$318)

  • Supported Languages: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Japanese / English

  • Number of players: 1 person

  • Age Rating: ESRB T (13+)

  • Developer: Visual Noveller

  • Publisher: Visualnoveler

  • official website:https://visualnoveler.com/eternal-radiance

© VisualNoveller

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