Zigbee Combee II Dongle – 22% Today only to start in home automation without breaking bank b


ZigBee is the protocol that grows more and more. With a growing range of peripherals and very low prices, it is a protocol in the making.

Domadu currently offers the Zigbee Combi II dongle Only 30 € instead of 39 €, Or lack of -22% With code COMBEE22 To apply to the basket. The dongle of choice that we have tried and adopted at Domo-Lab for many months.

For actuator, detector, bulbs of all sizes, indoors and outdoors, our guides are numerous on Philips Hue bulbs.

Zigbee Conbee II Home Automation Dongle Test

We have already seen it on the blog, the ZigBee protocol is expanding. This success is certainly linked to the various peripherals working on this protocol that …

Power of home automation with Zigbee protocol

Combi II’s strength lies in its choice of protocol. Zigbee One of the smartest and most efficient home automation protocols. Has very close cousins Z-waveSecond home automation protocol of choice and common with the latter at many points. Thanks for this Zigbee This dongle is so interesting. Mesh network, status response, reliability, etc …

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