EU sets date to standardize entry for cell phones

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European Union (EU) MPs will meet next Tuesday, 7 June. To define the standardization of the input of Smartphones, Countries should define new rules. Information was released this Friday (03) by Reuters, When the agreement is finalized, the affected principal should be Applewho criticized the proposals of the European Union.

For nearly a decade, European lawmakers have been debating Integration of cell phone charger plug format, Currently, while most models use the USB-C standard, Apple is betting on the proprietary Lightning format.

In addition to the entries, the EU also intends to bring wireless charging systems into law. And not only mobile devices will be affected, as the integration of notebooks is expected to be involved. In this case of computers, samsung And Huawei The companies most affected include

According to ReutersApple took no stance on the matter, however, Earlier, Apple had already publicly stated that standardizing plugs could hinder innovation And that forcing users to change chargers will generate a lot of junk mail.

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