‘Everyone knows that four athletes played in England’

'Everyone knows that four athletes played in England'

Brazil’s team is already turning its attention to the clash with Peru this Thursday World Cup Qualifiers Round 10The dispute about the confrontation with Argentina remains in evidence. Appointed to give a press conference this Tuesday, said right-back Danilo suspension of match at Neo Chemistry Arena at five minutes.

Everyone knows that these four players play in England, everyone knows about the ban on this agreement between Brazil and the UK. It’s no secret to anyone, it’s clear, that’s what we had access to – and he scored:

– Since then there was no access to the responsible bodies, we were not worried, it did not interfere with our work, so much so that we did not want to know. So much so that we never realized that the game wouldn’t happen, it never entered our mind. We were always convinced that we had to stay focused. Indifferent about my personal opinion. CBF’s legal department, FIFA, all responsible bodies have evidence to make the best decision, my opinion is not fair. It’s to follow the law, whatever is on the registered paper, looking at the evidence and what’s in the evidence – he did it.

The full-back described what it was like to undergo a diversion around the collision.

It was an unusual situation, unusual, but people tried to pass as comfortably as possible, because we had no control over it. We were available to match with a high motivation, well focused. We tried to stay calm – and he talked about confirming that the match would not happen:

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– Then came training, in which we rested, played, I tried to stand out a lot in order to take advantage and rest more. Around us was an emotional load of decisions that were not ours – he said.

The Juventus player now needs to change the focus.

– You must pass the page. Thinking about today’s training, preparing for the match against Peru. Let’s look ahead. Nothing before, nothing after. There were a lot of Brazil and Peru and although we won most of them, they were not always easy games. Is a tactical puzzle because, in addition to being tactically difficult, they are very well organized, they have players with good positions. They hinder our game – he said.

The team will train again this Tuesday at 3:30 pm CT Joaquim Greva. Brazil will take on Peru this Thursday (9), at 9:30 pm at Arena Pernambuco.

Danilo talks about the suspension of the game with Argentina (Reprodução/CBF TV)

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