Exemption from isolation period for travelers arriving in Brazil and the United Kingdom

Exemption from isolation period for travelers arriving in Brazil and the United Kingdom

As part of measures to combat the COVID-19 disease pandemic applicable to air traffic, the Government Determined That passengers on flights originating from Brazil and the United Kingdom are no longer subjected to a period of prophylactic isolation upon arrival in Portugal.

According to the new order, non-essential travel to and from the US will continue to be allowed, as well as non-essential travel to and from Brazil.

With the exception of the two countries mentioned above, EU Member States and Schengen Area countries, the United Kingdom and countries and administrative regions whose epidemiological status is in accordance with Council Recommendation (EU) 2020/912 of 30 June 2020 – Those whose list no longer includes Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Lebanon and Kosovo – only other third countries allowed essential travel.

Essential trips, in particular, are those intended to allow citizens to transit or enter Portugal for professional, study, family reunification reasons, health reasons or for humanitarian reasons.

All citizens wishing to travel to Portugal by air, except children under the age of 12, must present an EU COVID digital certificate, or, alternatively, proof of having undergone molecular laboratory testing by RT-PCR or a With negative the antigen will have to be tested rapidly. Results are made within 72 or 48 hours, respectively, prior to the time of shipment.

Only rapid antigen tests that are on the general list for the detection of COVID-19 disease approved by the EU Health Protection Committee are permitted, and proof must indicate the identity of the citizen, type and name of the test, manufacturer, date. Time and place (including country) of collection, test results, authority to issue and certification numbers.

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Passengers whose tests or evidence do not comply with the above requirements may, upon entering the mainland area, at their own expense, wait at a reasonable place inside the airport, from a new test until the results are notified. Gotta pass.

It should be remembered that airlines should only allow boarding of flights with a destination or stopover in mainland Portugal at the time of presentation of an EU COVID digital certificate or a negative test result, with penalties for violations punishable with fines. Under 500 to 2,000 euros per passenger.

Approved measures apply equally to the boarding and disembarkation of passengers and crew of cruise ships in ports located in the mainland national territory.

These measures are in force between 00:00 on 1 September and 23:59 on 16 September 2021, and may be revised at any time depending on the development of the epidemiological situation.


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