Experian says it investigates whether it is involved in a data leak scandal in Brazil – itpoca Negócios

Experian says it investigates whether it is involved in a data leak scandal in Brazil - itpoca Negócios

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Credit data company Experian said on Monday (8) that investigations are continuing whether personal data of millions of people in Brazil that were found to be illegally for sale online may be related to leaks from its Brazilian subsidiary Cerasa Huh.

UK-listed Experian, the largest group of credit data in the world, said it had found so far that the data offered for sale included photos, social security details, vehicle records and social media login data that Cerasa collected. Does not or maintain. “Despite extensive investigations to date, there is no evidence that our technology systems have been compromised,” the company said.

Local news in Brazil said cyber security researchers discovered in January that personal data of more than 200 million people had been leaked and proposed for online sale, but it is unclear where the data came from. .

Experian stated that there was no evidence that positive or negative credit data was obtained illegally from Cerasa.

In 2019, Experian’s rival Equifax announced the largest agreement in the process related to data leakage in 2019. The company agreed to pay $ 700 million in 2017 to close investigations into large-scale data breaches of customers in the U.S., U.K. and Canada and to reimburse injured consumers.

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