Experts say 5G could create business and jobs in Brazil; see who

Experts say 5G could create business and jobs in Brazil;  see who

The new technology will open up opportunities in infrastructure and services(Credit: F. Muhammad / Pixabay)

5G mobile telephony network will finally launch in Brazil this Wednesday (6) in the city of Brasilia. The high speed of new connections can open up business opportunities in many sectors and lead to thousands of jobs.

Benedito Macedo, Director of Development and Operations at Caesar Innovation Center, is an expert in implementing digital strategies across companies and explained that most of the innovations and opportunities 5G will bring to the nation’s businesses are yet to be envisioned and only fully developed. are believed to be. in a few years.

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“There was no change in the technical architecture from 3G to 4G, there will be now. So 5G has possibilities that we haven’t fully imagined yet.”

opportunities in infrastructure

The first impact of the implementation of 5G in the country will be on the infrastructure sector. Operators would have to install smaller, but larger quantities of new antennas for the service to operate.

Macedo estimates that around 50,000 jobs will be created at the time of installation alone.

“This will go on for a long time, as there is a commitment to small towns followed by capitals. This complete schedule will create work for the infrastructure personnel. The demand will be from the same people who install 4G, but it will also need to be qualified by the operators of professionals who will command the network”, he explained.

new services will emerge

One of the main features of the new 5G network is the high speed, almost 10 times faster than 4G and the stability of the Internet on mobile devices.

One of the examples cited by Macedo is in the case of music festivals or sporting events. In addition to providing a higher speed to each device in data transmission, it would be possible to rely on a kind of augmented reality to further enrich the experience in such events.

“One of the features of 5G is to support multiple devices, so it will be possible to invest in more sophisticated applications. There is already a pilot project in the United States where you can create augmented reality inside stadiums after games. When. If it is available here, many companies will be able to explore ways to develop new products with this technology”, he concluded.

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