Experts warn why you should not use this ‘dangerous’ WhatsApp setting

Experts warn why you should not use this 'dangerous' WhatsApp setting

A journalist for Forbes magazine says that it is not recommended to export conversation history from the Facebook application to third-party cloud, such as Google, Apple or Telegram.

Cyber ​​Security Specialist Zac Doffman Explains in the article Posted on Exporting chat history from the Whats app to third-party clouds in Forbes magazine is dangerous and advises users to disable the settings, backup function.

“From today [28 de janeiro], Everyone can bring their conversation history to Telegram with videos and documents From apps like WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk […]. The best thing is that the messages and media you move need not take up additional space. Older applications let you store all your data on your device, but Telegram Messages allows you to use all your messages, photos and videos whenever Telegram can take up almost no space. Posted on Last week.

Doffman guarantees that this is not the “best part”, stating that it is a serious risk for users of the application.

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Messages are encrypted on WhatsApp, ie Conversations are preserved and only the sender and receiver have a special key Need to decrypt messages. Thus, when the user exports history from Apple or Google to the cloud, technology giants get the key to these conversations, which is already outside the encryption of WhatsApp.

According to the expert, the same happens if the user wants to transfer the history of their conversations to Telegram, which, unlike WhatsApp and messaging application signals, is a cloud-based application.

“Telegram broadcasts the message Between your device and the cloud, and between the cloud and your contacts. But Telegram holds the key to this encryption. And although it has policies in place to protect these keys, it is far from being encrypted end-to-end, where you and your contacts can access content, but the platform cannot warn Doffman.

This means that chats can be accessed from multiple devices and if the user loses one, their content will be protected. The expert also notes that the Signal Messaging app, in turn, does not offer any form of cloud backup, especially because it makes encryption useless.

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“It’s your device’s biometric or password protection that protects decrypted messages. But, as the Telegram itself says, ‘If we unlock your phone without a password, we won’t protect you from your mother Can give, ”says Doffman.

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