Barons da Pisdinha described what he had done with the first payment: ‘pay the rent’. Celebrity

Barons da Pisdinha described what he had done with the first payment: 'pay the rent'.  Celebrity

They became big names for music in Brazil in 2020! The Baron of Pisadinha He broke records as the # 1 performer on the streaming platform and following the lead. Service Gshow, Rodrigo Baro and Felipe Baro heard what they did with their first salary when they started singing together, when they are off duty and dream of singing one day King Roberto Carlos.

Last Sunday, 1/24, the debut film for Electronic Faro do, Domocho from Heliopolis in the interior of Bahia And the internet went crazy.

“It was a big surprise and a dream come true for us to know that this world has fans outside of us,” he revealed.

Barons da Pisdinha sang “T Rocheda”

The singers began singing together in 2014 and in 2015 they debuted as Bars Foro, but only after that they named themselves Baras da Pisdinha.

“Fans got us on social networks, on the show, and then the name stuck and we changed” Os Bars da Pisdinha began to say.

But what is Pisadinha after all?

“Pisadinha comes from Pisiro, a distinct rhythm that comes from the Faro and the dance of” Pisadinha “, which has a different sound on the keyboard”, the two explained.

Jodi early in their career – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

“We used the first fee to pay the rent on the house,” he explains.

Barons da Pisdinha revealed that they dream of singing with Roberto Carlos – Photo: Fabio Gallo / Disclosure

Ambitious, the singer dreams one day to share the stage with King Roberto Carlos. But Rodrigo and Felipe say that before this great Feat When this happens, they want to realize many professional and personal dreams.

“We are making another dream come true, to launch our second DVD with our friends who have become our friends, and one more in our career. And our dream is to be able to take our music to our fans Have to be ”, manifest.

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