Unreal Engine 5: Artist Creates Amazing Superman Flight Demo

Unreal Engine 5: Artist Creates Amazing Superman Flight Demo

Last Tuesday (5th), epic games launched unreal engine 5 Providing a free package with the assets used, during the transmission of the state of the unrealized event marrix awakens So that developers can better understand how the technology demo works.

And taking advantage of the news to turn his heroic dreams into reality, Volod, a game technology artist, created a small demo on his Twitter account with the character flying in the legendary Superman style. Watch it below:

“If I can find an interesting gameplay loop that ties into the flight mechanics, I’ll consider putting it together. [um produto mínimo viável ou] A demo and release it to the public. But apparently without an association with Superman IP”, commented the artist in an interview with Kotaku.

The “City Samples”, as the set was called, include buildings, vehicles, crowds, and new AI, lighting, and rendering systems unique to Unreal Engine 5. And while the artist’s white mannequin doesn’t have any of Clark’s signature traits, Kent, still has the same feel of a realistic Man of Steel flight, serving as a small taste of the abilities that this new game engine will bring. can offer.

So, did you follow Epic Games’ broadcast? Are you excited to see the games that will be developed with Unreal 5? Tell us in the comments section!

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