How to record phone call on android phone

How to record phone call on android phone

Recording telephone conversations, whether for professional or personal reasons, is not available on all cell phones. The good news is that it is now possible to easily log calls on Android systems, especially using using Applications Phone, Google.

Before teaching rehearsal, Google notifies you of the following: Help page That only a few cell phones and operators support this functionality – in Brazil, it was found that new devices from brands such as Asus, Motorola, Xiaomi And Realme with Android 10 operating system has this feature.

Also, not always Cell The telephone comes with the app, developed by Google, installed, as many manufacturers have their own solutions. If you want to use the record feature, Worth checking first in the Play Store.

How to record phone call on android

If the function is enabled in your cell phone, when making a call, the “record” icon will appear immediately after dialing and making a call. It is also worth checking if the phone app has the latest version installed (for this, go to the Play Store, click on the top right icon with your picture, go to “My Apps and Games” and choose “Update” in the phone . App).

After the other person answers, the “record” icon turns the screen. To access, it is necessary to slide to the side. This “difficulty of access” seems to have been created so that people would not inadvertently record calls.

With the person answering the call, simply tap on the “Record” icon. It is important to clarify that the system notifies the two parties involved that the call will be recorded. The voice of the Google Assistant says, “Now this call is being recorded.”

Left to right: The phone app screen shows the record icon while dialing, the “record” icon changes the screen during a call, just swipe up and start recording

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During the process, you can stop recording at any time or wait for the call to end.

Where are phone call recordings on Android

Once recorded, the message can only be accessed through the telephone app. In recent times (showing previous calls made and received), a microphone icon will appear next to the person’s contact. Just tap on it, and a player will open, where you can hear the content. A sharing icon will also appear, making it easy to send the file to other apps, such as WhatsApp Or save to Google Drive.

How to delete phone recording on android

Saving recordings can take up a lot of storage space. If you want to do the cleaning, just go to the settings of the phone app (in the three dots at the top of mine). Then choose “Call Recording”. There, it would be possible to delete all previously made recordings or to set a period for automatically deleting records, such as “never”, “after 7 days” or “after 30 days”.

Google's telephone app makes it possible to delete phone call recordings - Playback - Playback

Google’s telephone app makes it possible to delete phone call recordings

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