Exports in May fell 28% compared to April to 584.47 million liters

Exports in May fell 28% compared to April to 584.47 million liters

Sao Paulo, 07/09 – The United States exported 154.4 million gallons (584.47 million liters) of ethanol in May, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) reported. The RFA said this volume is the largest ever recorded for the month, but represents a 28% drop compared to April, Canada was once again the main destination for North American ethanol for the 38th consecutive month, with 59.7 million gallons (225.99 million liters), a 4.2% decrease compared to April. The Philippines imported the highest monthly volume since October 2018, rising 82% to 16 million gallons (60.57 million liters), according to the RFA. Exports to the European Union also rose 3% to 14.2 million gallons (53.74 million liters), with 13 million gallons (49.21 million liters) to South Korea, an 8% increase and a record in 15 months, in addition to Singapore, which increased by 452% to 9.1 million gallons (34.47 million liters). RFA reported that the remaining US ethanol exports were to the United Kingdom, Colombia, Brazil (for the second consecutive month), Mexico, Vietnam, Peru and Jamaica. Year-to-date, North American ethanol exports totaled 816.9 million gallons (3.091 billion liters), an increase of 43% compared to the same period last year, with the US importing no relevant volume of ethanol. In 2024, North American imports total 1.4 million gallons (5.29 million liters).

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