No deposit bonus in scratch cards in 2021

In Australia, as well as all over the world, there is now a rapid growth of the industry of gambling on the Internet. Constantly arise more and more new online sites offering a wide range of gambling entertainment, to access which is enough to go online from a computer or mobile gadget. In the struggle for customers institutions offer more and more tempting bonuses and rewards, one type of which have become scratch cards.

Real and virtual scratch cards

In the offline world, scratch cards have long been known. They are small cards made of cardboard or plastic with several fields on the front side covered by a protective layer. The player can erase this layer from only one or a few, depending on the rules. Underneath the protective layer is an image or text that tells the player whether or not he has won. Under the name “instant lottery,” they are common in Australia and around the world.


No deposit scratch cards are often used by online casinos as part of the welcome bonus. Players enjoy dealing with them because:

  • Winning information is known immediately as soon as the gambler erases a virtual coin layer from the selected field;
  • the size of the prize depends only on one’s own luck and intuition;
  • there is no risk, because included in the free sign-up bonus no deposit scratch cards do not cost the gambler a cent.


Of course, this type of bonus has its own rules, determined by the administration of the online casino. It is recommended to read them carefully before proceeding to the game. Usually, the amount won will need to play, in order to be able to withdraw it from the deposit. To do this, set the vager, the conditions of which are specified in the rules. But in any case, it’s a great chance to start playing at a new site not with your own money, but with casino money.

How to get scratch cards and what you can win

The most common way in which a player gets scratch cards no deposit bonus. This type of incentive is available immediately after registration on the online casino website and usually consists of several elements:

a certain amount to the account, which can be spent on bets, to withdraw it has to be wagering on the wager;

Frispin, that is, you can run free slot machines with the rate set by the institution;

scratch cards, most often one, but with good prizes.

However, this is not the only way to get an “instant lottery” ticket. Many online venues give players the opportunity to buy them, as well as often raffling in promotions and tournaments. Instant lottery cards can be part of the bonus rewards for regular members of the club when upgrading their status in the loyalty program of the institution, when you deposit a certain amount, and so on.


As for the prizes hiding under the protective layer of the card, there is complete freedom of imagination of the online casino administration. You can get:

  • money for the game deposit, sometimes you don’t even have to wagering them;
  • free spins;
  • Cashback on losses for a period of time;
  • Percentage to the amount of the next replenishment;
  • other scratch cards, one or more, and more.


There are also slot machines with scratch cards, but their popularity with gamblers is not as high as classic slots and industry novelties. The only exception is the mobile version of scratch card applications, which are loved to play not only in Australia, but all over the world. However, as one of the components of bonus rewards, especially no-deposit rewards, instant cards have a good position and prospects.

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