Extraordinary Announcement: Vodafone, Cosmote, Wind . fee change in

Extraordinary Announcement: Vodafone, Cosmote, Wind .  fee change in

mobile, New Changes in Mobile Phone Billing As decided by the National Telecom and Posts Commission. all development in xristika.gr,

More transparency with clear stipulations at all levels, from advertising and promotion of services to most importantly, consumer complaints, was sought by the National Telecommunications and Posts Commission (EETT) through its proposal for a “Code of Conduct for the Provision of Services for Electronic Communications”. consumer” which has been put up for public consultation until early December.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to establish general principles and procedures to be followed by each provider of electronic communication services for the provision of electronic communication services to consumers, in addition to regulating the issues of providing electronic communication services to consumers. Applicable regulatory and legislative framework. ,

In particular, regulated issues relating to the general obligations of providers, advertising and promotion of services, promotion of sales of services, pre-contractual information, contracts, activation of the service, pricing – fees – billing and settlement, open Internet goes. Staff training, customer service and complaints, code compliance and controls and restrictions.

Notably, as stated in Article 10 on Customer Service, “The provider must ensure that the waiting time of customers calling a customer service call center is limited to a reasonable maximum time and the maximum fee as defined by the General Licensing Regulation is with.

The exception to this time limit is the case in which free call waiting is not possible, in which case the call will not be answered until immediate telephone service is available.
This reasonable time limit also applies to consumers who choose to communicate via video call or live chat.

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To settle a request, the provider should try to resolve consumer requests as quickly as possible.

To this end, it must develop processes through which the initial communication of consumers with customer service will be monitored and requests that cannot be resolved during the first communication are uncovered and resolved in a reasonable amount of time. The reasons will be identified. Delay in resolution of consumer claims”.

With respect to pricing, fees, billing and settlement, the Provider first ensures that the Service Charge information displayed is accurate, understandable, and does not contain any misleading information (inaccuracies or ambiguity, exaggeration or omitted information) Not included.

The Provider ensures the existence and implementation of dispute resolution and debt settlement mechanisms including procedures for the management of consumer complaints regarding billing issues.

When managing and notifying Consumers about their complaints and if subsequent requests are not met, the Provider shall indicate ways of resolving disputes by the competent administrative or judicial authorities.

With respect to the indemnity policy, the Provider should put in place an indemnity/refund policy in case of breach of contractual obligations with respect to the Terms of Service, such as to cover existing or future consumer loans, credit amounts, etc.

The consumer voluntarily, without coercion and after being fully informed of his options, chooses the method of compensation.
In case of an account dispute, the Provider shall provide, in writing or by e-mail, at the Client’s choice, a detailed explanation of the disputed charges and their relevance to the services provided that justify them.

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If the Customer deems fit, the Provider credits the relevant amount to the next account and in each case within the relevant time frame prescribed by the General Licensing Regulation.

In addition, in any case the consumer can appeal to the dispute resolution bodies or court outside the court.

mobile: Consumer complaints

The provider should ensure that consumer complaints are resolved promptly, effectively and fairly. For this, he must adhere to the following principles:

  • Effective arrangement:

The provider should address the complaints/grievances wherever possible, at the first contact of the consumer.

Grievance management departments should be staffed with adequate resources and adequate level of authority to select and resolve complaints.

The provider must ensure that its employees deal politely with the complaining consumers and guide them in the most efficient and easiest way to submit both complaints and any additional documents required for their management and service .

  • Transparency and Accessibility:

The provider should have a manual with the registered complaints/complaint procedures, which the employees should follow while handling consumer complaints.

In the event that complaints cannot be resolved at the first level, the procedures should include an internal reporting process at the higher level.

Any internal process of the provider should not be harmful to the consumers and make it difficult to meet their requests/complaints effectively. The provider should train and provide its employees with the relevant complaint management manual.

In addition, the provider must have a relevant form with information posted on its website and a record of consumer complaints, including information on their right to make a complaint.

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This form should contain sufficient instructions written in clear and understandable language so that consumers can easily identify how to file a complaint and the relevant staff of the provider whom they can contact. Similar information is included on the provider’s website.

The Provider is bound to respond to any complaint/grievance in a documentary manner and in writing as per the provisions of the General Licensing Regulations.

If the consumer requests information, the provider should provide sufficient information about the progress of the complaint as well as in case of changes in course and reasons for the delay.

In addition, it should have a suitable mechanism for monitoring and resolving issues arising in accordance with the procedures mentioned above and agreed with the consumer.

In the event that the Provider feels that a complaint does not require further investigation, it must fully notify the Consumer of the reasons for this decision in a clear and understandable manner and if requested by the Consumer , then he should inform about the availability. Alternative option complaint for consideration.

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