F1. In Racing Pride, learn more about Aston Martin’s LGBTQ+ partnership

F1.  In Racing Pride, learn more about Aston Martin's LGBTQ+ partnership

Aston Martin has shown involvement with getting into F1. So much so that it signed a partnership with Racing Pride, a British initiative aimed at increasing the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community, during June, which is Pride Month. And one of the founders, Richard Morris, detailed what campaign he wanted to promote in the game.

The initiative was born in 2019 when Morris realized that campaigns for inclusion in motorsport were so lacking. Seeking to change the landscape, they created racing pride not only to feel represented, but also to show other members of the community that they are not alone.

But what is the initiative? Richard is especially counted on F1MANIA that “Racing Pride is made up of a network of ambassadors and partners. Our ambassadors include drivers – I am one of them, I have been racing since I was a kid in CART and now I am a Prague supporter in the Britcar Endurance Championship; We have W Series drivers Sarah Moore and Abby Etoh as well as Charlie Martin, the first openly trans person to compete at the Nürburgring 24 Hours last year.

Racing Pride and Aston Martin together (Photo: Aston Martin)

“We have an ambassador in eSports, Cammie Sturch, who competes with Ford’s official team, Fordzilla. But we also have many other ambassadors in different roles such as Matt Bishop, Media, Christina Emmanoulides, Alfa Romeo Engineer, as well as Marshals and volunteers. These ambassadors help bring positive visibility to our sports community,” he continued.

“We have joined a great group of national level motorsport partners in the UK to help take our initiative to the masses in the sport. And, of course, we now also have a partnership with Aston Martin, which gives us will help promote LGBTQ+ inclusion globally,” he said.

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“A huge aspect of what we are doing is to provide educational resources to help build confident and visible partners. We have a free file available for download, and we work with grassroots and international level individual organizations, championships and working with established and new partners as teams, offering workshops, mentoring and resources. Thus, we help them become more inclusive with our members and communicate more widely in a more inclusive manner Let’s help”, the pilot said.

“We want to represent the community and its partners broadly and give fans as well as those competing in the sport a place to interact with Racing Pride. That’s why we are active in social media and create the Sportlight series about what LGBTQ+ people experience in all sporting roles, not just at reunions, but internationally. F1MANIA.

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