“Facebook” makes it easy for its users to deal with an exciting technology – technology

"Facebook" makes it easy for its users to deal with an exciting technology - technology

International press reports revealed that the most well-known social networking site “Facebook” has abandoned its beliefs that have been held for years, making it easier for its users to tackle an exciting new technology.

The report published on the special technical website “Engadget” stated that Facebook has introduced a new technology that makes it easier for users to view “latest news” stories in chronological order.

Facebook has insisted for years that its algorithm is the best for keeping track of what people see in the latest news using machine algorithms, but it seems to have been proven wrong over the years.

And Facebook will, for the first time, allow its users to set preferences for news publications and various pages, and the ability to specify a list of “filter feeds”, which gives it quick access to the latest news.

This technique allows you to turn off Facebook’s algorithm that shows posts from friends and pages to your liking.

And Facebook made this update available to users of the application on the “Android” operating system, according to “Sputnik”, and promised to put it on “iPhones” in the coming weeks.

Facebook said that this new technology allows political advertising to stop, and may contribute to reducing misleading and confusing information.


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