Facebook Shutdown Will Pull Other Services With It

Facebook Shutdown Will Pull Other Services With It

This Hungarian time, on the evening of October 4, begins at six heights. Facebook off (which includes Instagram, WhatsApp and other company services) The first hours have been good for competitors like Twitter. he joked too development), but as time goes on, it is becoming clear that the biggest social site problem is affecting other popular services (Also for domestic lottery companies) Is.

down detector After the closure of Facebook, problems started coming on Twitter too.

Monitoring of each platform down detector According to statistics, in the evening, among others, TIC Toc And this Twitter Also felt the increased traffic due to the shutdown of Facebook. In the case of the popular video sharing, many complain that private messages don’t work, while in the case of the Bird app, users report long load times and inaccessible comments. The situation probably isn’t helped by the fact that the West Coast of the United States is still at noon, so don’t expect a reduction in traffic, and so is Facebook. It Faces Serious Obstacles With regard to remediation of problems caused by downtime.

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