Facebook Trends: Tracking Dozens of Michael Myers from Halloween in Cass County. FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Facebook Trends: Tracking Dozens of Michael Myers from Halloween in Cass County.  FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Belton, Mo. – Talk about a guy who can literally block traffic!

Dozens of people washed their hands in a car wash in Belton on Friday night to get their Halloween chills and thrills from an iconic movie icon. Michael Myers’ uncontrollable masked personality from the classic horror movie “Halloween” stood at the intersection of Highway 58 and Malen Road.

“I love Michael Myers, my gosh,” said Michelle Spader.

It’s like a man’s hungry house that you have to find by following the clues on Facebook. Michael Myers of Cass County Facebook page It’s only a month old, and it’s already blown away. In fact, Michael Myers is played by Michael Williams, a fun-loving father of two daughters.

“So Halloween was the first movie I ever saw,” Williams said. “I was five years old, and I’ve been in love with Michael Myers ever since.”

Williams has been donating clothes for just a few weeks. He puts the location on his Facebook page for his next look, and fans follow him.

“We came out one night, and he was already gone, and then today was my lucky night,” said Jarrett Griffith.

The most enthusiastic fans appear to be.

“I hope my husband didn’t see it,” Spader said.

Williams gives some theories as to why the character is so popular.

“Well, he’s chasing marathons, so maybe it’s just a fantasy to chase Michael Myers, I don’t know,” Williams said.

However, the notorious scary villain regularly registers a dose of adrenaline and smiles from people in every area.

Surprisingly, Williams sees his work as similar to playing for Santa Claus – Halloween.

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“If I can put a smile on people’s faces while doing this, I will continue to do it in every way.”

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