Facebook us Will test new business search features in the news feed

Facebook us  Will test new business search features in the news feed

Facebook announced this morning that it would begin testing a new experience to discover companies in the United States in its news feed. While live, users tap on topics of interest below posts and advertisements in their news feeds to locate business-related content. The change has come at a time when Facebook is discussing how Apple Application Tracking Transparency Update will affect you Small business customers – Many claims I have We shoot Confusing, but it still led to something Mom and dad store to express concern Your ad targeting capabilities are impacted as a result. This new test is an example of the ease with which Facebook can modify its news feed, if necessary, to generate more data about its users.

The company suggests that users may notice changes in posts and advertisements of companies selling beauty, fitness or clothing products.

The idea here is that Facebook will direct users to related companies through the news feed feature, when they take a specific action to search for related content. This, in turn, can help Facebook create a new set of data about its users, in terms of which users clicked to see more and what kind of businesses they interacted with, among other things. Over time, you can convert this feature into an ad unit, if you wish, companies can pay for a higher position.

“People are already searching for companies while browsing news feeds, and this will make it easier to discover and consider new companies,” the company said in a statement. advertisement.

Facebook did not expand its additional plans with the test, but said that as soon as it discovers how users interact with the feature, it will extend the experience to more people and companies.

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With the news of the test, Facebook said yes Apply more devices For business owners this month, the ability to create, post and schedule stories on Facebook and Instagram is included; Changes and editing for scheduled posts; And soon, create and manage Facebook photos and albums from Facebook Business Suite. Soon, it will also add the ability to create and save Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts for the Business Suite mobile app.

In relation to business updates, Facebook focused on linking its advertising product features with lead companies, lead ads, call ads, and click to messenger lead generations.

Facebook announced earlier this year A new experience on Facebook page Which gave companies the ability to relate their business profiles to things like posting, commenting and liking, as well as accessing their own news section. And I removed the Like button to focus on followers.

It is no coincidence that Facebook is promoting its tools for small businesses at a time when the concern, largely shouted down by Facebook itself, is that its platform may be less useful to small business owners. is. In the near future, companies become less accurate when they target advertising resources, as users vote “no” when Facebook’s iOS app asks if they can track them.

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