Fake New York heirs used Netflix rights money to compensate their victims

Fake New York heirs used Netflix rights money to compensate their victims

Anna Sorokina, a young Russian woman who pretended to be a millionaire heir to defraud banks and other financial institutions in New York, United States, told her story by Netflix to compensate her victims on television Used much of the money paid to adapt in the series.

A German heiress, who performed in the American city elite as Anna Dallway, a German heiress with an estimated fortune at 6 million euros, tricked banks, luxury hotels, restaurants, and many into financing her lifestyle.

Overall, it has deceived more and more people and institutions. 200 thousand dollars.

Now, after receiving $ 320,000 from the platform Streaming For his history rights, Sorokina used this money to compensate some of those targeted.

According to the portal Insider, Who had access to a record payment of records, false heirs used $ 199,000 Pay the loan with the banks And for another 24 thousand dollars Pay state fines.

Imprisonment up to 12 years

In May last year, a New York judge sentenced Sorokina to prison for up to 12 years. According to the broadcaster, Judge Diane Kiesel sentenced him to prison for “4 to 12 years”, a $ 200,000 refund and a $ 24,000 fine for “various scams committed between November 2016 and August 2017”. BBC.

Experts heard Insider Explained that Sorokina I was not obliged to use The money paid by Netflix to compensate its victims immediately, once he appealed the sentence. In fact, if your appeal is successful, you may not have to pay anything, according to Dmitry Sakhnevich, an expert at John Jay College.

Nevertheless, Sorokin wanted to pay back its debt with City National Bank and Citibank.

According to his lawyer, Sorokin believes he has money These institutions, Despite thinking that you didn’t steal them. “[Anna] He told me: “I want them to be paid. I did not steal the money, but I repaid those money and I was not going to fight it.

The story will be adapted by Shonda Rimes

The circle of friends with whom he had a relationship in New York believed that Sorokina had a fortune of $ 67 million and that her father was an oil diplomat.

In fact, Sorokina was born in 1991 in Russia, Moved to a small town in Cologne, Germany in 2007 with his family. Her father worked as a driver, also selling air conditioners and heaters.

It was in 2017 that authorities came to know that Anna Delway was ultimately Anna Sorokin, a Russian woman with no money and no German heir, as she claimed. Known after his life Vanity Fair Publish the story of one of the false heirs’ former friends, who was allegedly cheated for $ 62,000

Story of a woman Shonda rims attentionNorth American Series Manufacturer Gray anatomy, Which bought its rights and would make Anna Sorokin the new hero of its first condition for its stage Streaming Netflix

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