Fake news about the Acropolis again in the air!

Fake news about the Acropolis again in the air!

The foot path falls from Agrippa’s monument. When we say it falls, we mean it has a 10 cm slope, which means the risk of collapsing is real. Like if people stand by him at a critical moment because of their risk. The Ministry of Culture has taken care of the correct solution to the problem and is setting up a construction site. The misinformation, fake, is that the related construction works were worked on for another project, the restoration of the central entrance ladder, which are still in the pre-design phase. And some people flared up without trying to control what was happening. By signing them. Without carcass. And let them be among the archaeologists and architects who work in the Archaeological Service and they should check the information.

A new episode in the war that has been spread against the Ministry of Culture breaks with the text, which, apart from the lies contained in it, runs for the main purpose of holding the Ministry of Culture hostage and doing no work. Especially on the Acropolis. What if a monument is destroyed? Okay, so bad for the memorial.

Like all work, the work on Agrippa’s back is done by the Acropolis Monument Preservation Service (YSMA), which the complainants should have asked, as they are his partners. Obviously they did not, because they would have known the truth in that case. Wrote a text for the collection of signatures (for those who came with him) in which he says:

“At the end of October 2020, we were surprised by the news that extensive concrete paving work had already begun on the Acropolis, while at the same time official information was that these interventions have been made to serve people with disabilities. ” In the following paragraphs it is noted that the objections and the rest were known, about a war that is not new, and is full of fake news. What he has now, according to his writings, is the construction of a new marble staircase at Propilaya. They disagree with the idea of ​​this proposal (which is still on paper) as well as another monument based on the Western Monument, the late Roman Beul Gate.

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At the very least, they express their complete opposition to the routes that have already been paved and for those who have been announced to be on the Acropolis, as well as proposed Roman scales in the western reaches of the Acropolis To rebuild “. They ask briefly that nothing should be done. With the necessary conceptual icing: “In general, we point out that the belief that today can ‘restore characteristics and values’ on the Acropolis and ‘contribute decisively to the right reception’ of the monument and the ‘authenticity of the monument’ Is, a very dangerous path as soon as they end.

And now we go to the truth. Agrippa’s memorial, as we mentioned at the beginning of the lesson, is in danger. The Central Archaeological Council has given its opinion in favor of the work that needs to be done for a long time. During the discussion on the routes, the council said that the space in front of the walkway should be paved and sealed against incoming rainwater. This is being done right now. In the area where the stickus is paved and not on the ancient floor. These are represented as perceived actions for entry ladders in the neighboring area. Which, let us repeat, are in the pre-design stage.

During the excavation, Dinsmour reached the rock 13 meters below, but again made embankments with unrelated material. From 1905 to the present day, the monument has a slope and needs to be fixed. KAS agreed to use geotextile and to deposit 8 cm of soil to eliminate the problem, not to allow as much water and water to enter the drain.

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Due to this rescue and immediate intervention, a scaffolding will be installed within days, which has also been selected by KAS.

Two questions: about those who sign any text on the Acropolis, who have done the autopsy? Obviously not because the sacred rock is closed due to an epidemic

Second: The Minister of Culture announced that the issue of the scale of Propolis’s entry would be discussed at an international conference on the Acropolis in September. Do they now consider him so naive to begin with? Or such a bad scientist, to start it without any kind of study?

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