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After pressure from fans and organizations, eight of the 12 clubs, including all English, announced that they had abandoned the controversial project to create a new European football tournament. European Super League, a controversial project to build a multi-billion. Dollar tournaments with the world’s leading football clubs. Its collapse began 48 hours after the announcement of its construction. As of early this Wednesday (21/04), out of its 12 founding members, only four remained in the project: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Milan. The block withdrawal movement began late Tuesday night. Following opposition from his fans, the political class and threats from UEFA and FIFA, all six representatives from England out of the 12 founding members reported their withdrawal from the project. Manchester City was the first returning official, followed by Chelsea. Later, in a series of announcements released at night, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham also confirmed that they would not continue on the project. “Liverpool can confirm that our participation in the proposal to form the European Super League will not continue,” the current English champion wrote in an official note. On Tuesday night, the European Super League also announced that it would “rethink appropriate steps to remodel the project.” “Given the current circumstances, we should rethink the most appropriate steps to remodel the project, keeping our goals in mind.” Provide fans with the best possible experience and extend solidarity payouts for the entire football community, “the newly created league said in a statement. According to British portal The Athletic, Italian Milan also asked the Italian news agency to abandon the project Must have decided. Ansa, Inter Milan, confirmed that he no longer had any interest in participating in the block. The last man to announce his departure on Wednesday was Spaniard Atlético de Madrid, who argued that since the tournament was announced Things had changed. “Mistake and we apologize” Arsenal apologized for what they consider to be a mistake now and said that they had taken the decision into consideration their fans’ opinions. “The last few days gave us a deep The feeling that our fans have for this club. His response made us reflect and think. It was never our purpose to cause these problems, but we did not want to leave it when we received the invitation. “This is to protect the future of the Super League, Arsenal,” the club said. He said, “But we made a mistake and we apologize for it.” Tottenham also apologized to fans through a message from club president Daniel Levy stating the withdrawal. “We cause anxiety and sorrow. We believed it was important for our club to be involved in the development of a new structure that would guarantee the financial future of the football pyramid. We believe that the game has to continue its competitions.” Review. Levi said the bodies should guarantee the game that we all love. Without the end English clubs, Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid, the Super League will have only four members: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Milan and Juventus. “We will not participate in the European Super League. We have listened attentively to the return of our fans, the British Government and others. We are committed to working with the football community to create lasting solutions to the long-term challenges that football faces. “,” Announced Manchester United. No German or French club has pledged to participate in the Super League. Bayern Munich, who won the UEFA Champions League Cup in 2020, and Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund, semifinalists at this year’s championships, are absent on the list. The founding clubs stated that the economic crisis caused by the epidemic was one of the reasons that led to the initiative. “The Super League is built at a time when the world epidemic intensified the instability of the current European football economic model,” he argued. The withdrawal was announced a day after mounting pressure from fans, governments and sporting entities against the creation of the tournament, which would compete with the Champions League and, as a result, clash with UEFA and FIFA. In the United Kingdom, even the government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken out and has not refused to intervene. Johnson praised English clubs’ farewells from the European Super League: “I welcome yesterday’s announcement [terça-feira] In the evening. “This is the right result for football fans, clubs and communities across the country,” he said. “We must continue to protect our beloved national game,” he wrote on Twitter. Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham have announced the creation of a European snapper league despite Ufa, the National Federations and several other clubs, of which 15 are founders – though. Only 12 have been revealed – and five others, are eligible. Uefa has threatened to exclude all clubs that make the tournament, ensuring that it has the support of the associations of England, Spain and Italy, as well as the Football League from all three. country. RPR (FE, Oats)

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