Fans Criticize Expensive Netflix Movie Featuring Marvel and Stranger Things Stars

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After billions of dollars in losses, layoffs, and the continual loss of customers, many had imagined that Netflix Will enter into cost control regime. However, the announcement of the film Electric State – starring miracle And Stranger Things – proved that the strategy of the platform is quite different.

Netflix sparked a major controversy on the social network by confirming the production of the new feature, one of the most expensive in its history.

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For fans and customers, the platform is setting its budget. In addition, many criticized the choice of cast and the theme of the film, which was seen as cliché, unnecessary and unoriginal.

Below are some reactions from fans, customers and experts on social media; Check below.

Production with actors from MCU and Stranger Things sparks controversy on Netflix

Recently, Netflix revealed that the upcoming Electric State will cost $200 million.

The film, as such, enters the list of the most expensive productions in Netflix history – with features such as Red Alert, The Irishman and 6 Squadron.

Produced by Joe and Anthony Russo — directors of Avengers: Endgame — Electric State doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

Munch confirmed that filming for the feature will begin in October 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The biggest strength of the film is its cast. The Electric State will see Millie Bobby Brown, The Eleven from Stranger Things and Chris Pratt, The Star-Lord of the Marvel films.

“The story revolves around an orphaned teenager (Brown) who crosses the United States with a kind and mysterious robot, and is an eccentric wanderer in search of his younger brother,” the film’s official synopsis said. Is.

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Netflix Subscribers Didn’t Like Electric State

The announcement created a lot of controversy on social media. A good portion of subscribers rejected the new Netflix project. See some of the reactions below:

“One Bad Dragon movie, one feature with Chris Pratt, all Netflix projects. No drama movies or acclaimed roles. Millie, do you want a career?” One viewer commented, referring to Millie Bobby Brown’s recent projects.

There is a good deal of criticism surrounding the casting of Chris Pratt, seen by many viewers as Marvel’s “worst Chris”.

“We finally have a chance to see the Simon Stellenhag story. But it’s a Netflix project with Chris Pratt. The universe of Simon’s books is so beautiful, with a rich mythology. Chris’s acting doesn’t have that vibe, and Netflix isn’t so much.” Can’t handle important project,” commented another fan.

“It’s not that I don’t like Chris Pratt, but he’s been into everything lately! I’m tired of seeing you everywhere. Sometimes it’s nice to see new faces. It’s Adam Sandler or Dwayne Johnson is like,” wrote one Netflix subscriber.

“I’ve never heard of a movie I’d like to see less of,” joked another viewer.

“Miley deserves independent projects and accolades at film festivals. Not Chris Pratt and the tenth movie Netflix made him,” commented another customer.

Electric State doesn’t have a release date on Netflix yet. In the meantime, you can watch Season 4 of Stranger Things on the platform. See original responses below.

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