Fans note that Netflix has done character-enhanced Lucifer; Eye

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Lucifer is a sensation on Netflix. But originally, the series had a different house: Fox.

The series remained on the channel for three seasons, until it was cancelled. The streaming giant knew about the potential Lucifer still had, so it saved him for the sake of continuation.

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At Netflix, Lucifer has gone through a few changes. Overall, he came to improve the series.

For example, a fan recently noticed that Mazikan’s “demon face” (played by Leslie-Ann Brandt) was “upgraded” from season two to season five.

“The maze’s demon face looks much better in season five than in season two,” wrote the fan.

This happened because, on Netflix, the series could have access to a slightly larger budget, which greatly improved the technical part of it.

See a comparison of the character’s “demon face” between season two and season five below. Didn’t it get better?

Returning to Lucifer’s budget issues, Fox, the network that originally aired Lucifer, is an open TV channel in the United States.

Traditionally, broadcast TV productions have a more limited budget than those developed for discontinued TV or streaming services.

Netflix is ​​one of the streaming services that invests the most in its series, though not all of them have the same level of technical quality. Disney+ is another service that bets heavily on its productions, turning them into real blockbusters.

In Brazil, Lucifer is now available on Netflix.

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