Fast & Furious: Does the Dom Toretto saga go underwater after going into space? – movie news

Fast & Furious: Does the Dom Toretto saga go underwater after going into space?  - movie news

The action franchise will feature underwater cars in Netflix’s Fast & Furious: Asphalt Spies – South Pacific series.

The Fast & Furious franchise promised and delivered: it took the characters of Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) into space (with cars attached to rockets!) – respecting the laws of physics as never before in the Dom Toretto saga (Vin Diesel) And well, we have to admit the madness.

Now, to kick off that feat of Fast & Furious 9, bring back the dinosaurs in a crossover with Jurassic World, or change perspective: What doesn’t make it to the big screen could come to life on the small screen in Fast & Furious Detectives of Asphalt, an animated series from Netflix. Season 5, which opens next Friday (13), will take the cars underwater. technical details!

Fast & Furious: All The Spin-Off Vin Diesel Wants To Do (And Which One Should Really Be)

Netflix Fast and Furious series goes to season 5

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Fast and Furious – Spies on the Asphalt is a spin-off of Vin Diesel’s action franchise, one of the longest-running films in film history. The Netflix animated series follows the adventures of Dom’s younger cousin Tony Toretto (Tyler Posey/Charles Emmanuel) and his friends who work for a secret organization and infiltrate a street racing gang called SH1FT3R. Each season takes place in a different place: the first in the United States, the second in Rio de Janeiro, the third in the Sahara, and the fourth in Mexico. The fifth, still unreleased, will be in the South Pacific Ocean.

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How does Fast & Furious go underwater?

a plot of Fast and Furious: Spy Racers South Pacific (in the original), Season 5 of the Netflix series, follows the race against time as the Spy Racers race to save Tony Toretto, who has been kidnapped. When they reach an island in the Pacific Ocean, they discover they have lost the ability to do what they love most – driving! But maybe Tony doesn’t need to drive right now, as long as he can swim and maybe even fly.

The team assembles on a mission spanning land, air and sea in the South Pacific to thwart the dangerous plans of an ancient enemy: the feared arms dealer Sudarikov. To do this, they dive into the ocean with underwater cars and trucks!

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Remember that Dom Toretto’s saga will end in Veloznes & Furios 11, but Vin Diesel plans multiple spin-offs. During this, fast and furious 9 playing in cinemas. already Fast and Furious – Asphalt Detective Returns with new episodes on Netflix next Friday, August 13th.

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