Faults found in Elon Musk’s tunnels: City: Home: Lenta.ru

Faults found in Elon Musk's tunnels: City: Home: Lenta.ru

A four-kilometer high-speed tunnel in Las Vegas opened by Elon Musk’s The Boring Company was criticized by US transportation experts. NBC News writes that flaws were found in the underground artery that do not allow solving the problems of the city’s traffic jams.

In the underground tunnels of the Loop Transportation System, critics saw no potential for construction in other cities. During tunnel testing in Las Vegas, motorists were outraged that they could not accelerate normally and continued to push each other forward. At the same time, according to The Boring Company, Musk’s super-tunnels are designed for Tesla electric vehicles, some models of which reach speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour.

Experts were skeptical about the new tunnel due to the low throughput and high construction cost. Every 1.5 kilometer of underground road costs one billion dollars. Ordinary train tunnels are more expensive, but hundreds of times more passengers pass through them per hour.

Jian Zhao, a professor of civil engineering at Monash University in Melbourne, said he sees no alternative to how Elon Musk will keep his promise to unload traffic in American cities using the new tunnels. Initially, the billionaire claimed that electric vehicles would be able to travel in the metro at a speed of over 200 kilometers per hour.

In 2018, the creators of Tesla announced There are plans to build an underground shuttle to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The location of the tunnel entrance was not chosen. In 2020, city officials commented on the delay that the project was undergoing an environmental review.

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