Featured in Flight Simulator and Ace Attorney Weekly Release | simulator games

Featured in Flight Simulator and Ace Attorney Weekly Release |  simulator games

Microsoft Flight Simulator I The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles The highlights of the week’s release coincide with the arrival of the popular Airplane Simulator for consoles. xbox series x/s and a collection of the classic series of lawyers. Apart from them, several RPGs come in the coming days with the release of remasters of Neo: The World Ends With You, The Ascent’s cyberpunk world and Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster. See below for more details on the week’s main releases, such as dates, platforms, and prices.

Microsoft Flight Simulator arrives in the next generation of consoles: Xbox Series X and Series S — Photo: Playback/Microsoft

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Microsoft Flight Simulator – July 27 – XBSX/S

The acclaimed PC Plane Simulator franchise first got a console version on the Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft Flight Simulator allows players to fly around the world by transforming satellite information into 3D visuals that can be viewed.

The game also has many different planes to fly, actual airports to land and sometimes receive updates focused on specific cities, to highlight tourist sites and points of interest. The title is available on PC and Xbox for R$249.95, as well as being included in xbox game pass.

Microsoft Flight Simulator brings the best and most complete experience among airplane simulators — Photo: Playback/Xbox

Contra Returns – July 28 – iOS

The more the user plays, the more he can customize his Contra with different looks and weapons to use. Title is free and will come later Android, where users can pre-register in advance.

Contra Returns brings the reimagined classic series with multiplayer elements to mobile devices – Photo: Playback / Google Play Store

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – 27 De Zulho – PS4, SW, PC

The latest game in the franchise known by lawyer Phoenix Wright is a collection that traces the works of his ancestor and was previously only available in Japan. In the role of a lawyer who needs to prove his client’s innocence.

One of the novelties in the series is a system that requires the user to explain findings and contradictions to individual jurors. The game is available on PlayStation 4 for R$169 (PS4) I Nintendo Switch, with pc version Steam For BRL 119.99.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles features stories of an ancestor Phoenix Wright Attorney – Photo: Reproduction/Steam

Neo: The World Ends With You – 27 Days Zulho – PS4, SW

RPG Sequence the world Ends With You Released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, it features a new group of characters led by the protagonist Hans. After finding a mysterious brooch in Shibuya, Japan, he becomes part of a survival game called “The Reaper’s Game” in an alternate dimension “Underground”. In this world he must encounter beings called “Shores”, who feed off negative emotions in order to have the opportunity to return to his world. The game sells for R$299 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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Neo: The World Ends With You tells a new story in the “Reapers Game” survival game in Japan – Photo: Play/Nintendo Game Store

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster – July 28 – iOS, PC

The Classic Final Fantasy series is supported by the classic Nintendo 8-bit and . remastered versions of super nintendo Via the “Pixel Remaster” series. These versions of the games feature 2D graphics with new pixel art from original artist Kazuko Shibuya, adapted for widescreen and higher resolution.

Classic songs were also converted into complete pieces with new arrangements under the supervision of series composer Nobuo Uematsu. The first two Final Fantasy will be available on PC for R$45 each, while Final Fantasy 3, unheard in the West, will be released in 2D for R$70.

The new Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster brings improved versions of the classic game with visuals optimized for widescreen, higher resolution and new music arrangements – Photo: Playback/Steam

Samurai Warriors 5 – July 27 – PS4, XB, SW PC

The Samurai Warriors series returns after seven years in the Sengoku period with a new game set similar to the original game. In the role of the mighty samurai, players will face armies of enemies, such as the “Masu” style. Dynasty Warriors, with special moves and the possibility to launch them into the air for aerial combos. Samurai Warriors 5 Available on PS4 for R$299, at R$222.45 Xbox one, R $ 351.84 no switch e R $ 109,90 no PC.

Tribes of Midgard – July 27 – PS5, PS4, PC

In this survival game based on Norse mythology, players must explore the land of Midgard, either alone or in cooperative multiplayer, while gathering resources and encountering beasts along the way. Gradually they will be able to create weapons, armor, buildings and defenses to defend themselves from the frost giants invading their villages. Tribe of Midgard is available for PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 for R$99.50 (PS5), while the PC version costs R$39.99 on Steam.

Tribes of Midgard is a Nordic-themed survival game that can be played alone or in multiplayer – Photo: Play/Steam

The Ascent – 29 de Julho – XBSX/s, XB, PC

In the world of cyberpunk where megacorporations are the foundation of society, “The Ascent” is the most powerful and controls most of society. When this company begins to crumble, players must survive in a city that slowly gives way to chaos in an action RPG with futuristic elements. The game is available for R$99 on both Xbox and PC platforms.

Ascent brings an action RPG set in a cyberpunk future in which players must survive the demise of the mega-corporation that controls the city – Photo: Playback/Steam

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