Feria de Leon 2022: two people arrested for restricting access to Valeria without permission

Feria de Leon 2022: two people arrested for restricting access to Valeria without permission

Leon, Guanajuato.- The Secretariat of Security, Prevention and Civil Defense Maintains a security and surveillance campaign in the 2022 edition Leon State Fair, which celebrates its first weekend.

Preventive Police, Directorate of Supervision and Control, Civil Defense, C4, Directorate of Private Security Regulation, Firefighters and Road Police take part in this operation.

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This Saturday, January 15, two people were arrested after being found using access control functions, without permission, in the VIP area. fair candle, punishable in accordance with Article 11 Section XIV of the Police and Highway Regulations and Article 72 and 14 Section II of the Private Security Regulations relating to subsection C.

detainees were recognized as personnel hired by fair board,
It is worth noting that earlier on Friday 14th the Directorate of Private Security Regulation made a record of facts to trace the same practice in the area called “Terrace”.

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At that time, violations of regulations were noted and recommendations were made on how Logistics personnel of Lyon Fair 2022 should conduct themselves in order to comply with the regulations, avoiding allowing or denying access.

In addition, in at least three previous coordination meetings with the Fair Board and the Secretary of Security, Prevention and City Protection, the merits of logistics personnel were clarified and it was pointed out that there would be a private security company, to be hired . The Board of Trustees, which shall provide this service.

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Upon re-violation, already with prior warning, this surveillance exercise involving access control in the VIP area, it was decided to arrest two men, who were placed at the disposal of the civic judge and to be sent to them for 12 hours. was sentenced to arrest, by which the switch could have been made. 50 UMAS.

Secretariat of Security, Prevention and Civil Defense Respects the merits of the organizers of the event, but reserves the right to use its own in accordance with the rules applicable to the municipality Leon, Guanajuato,

The fair’s board was recommended that, if necessary, they request an increase in the number of security guards installed in their surveillance permits, with proper document attachments and the presence of those registered for data collection. , as was the case with employees of the private security company serving the program and its internal security guards on board.

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in between, control department And the control also gave 5 reports to establishments with the sale of alcoholic beverages Leon Fair 2022,

This administrative measure was imposed in two businesses for the sale of alcohol to minors; Two for operating outside permitted hours and one for selling alcoholic beverages.

Report detention in network

Via his social network, one of the detainees, Edu Castro, condemned the arrest, according to his username “Yesterday during the Julian lvarez concert I was arrested by the city police of León while doing my job, which was the same Had to verify ticketing for the concert,” pointed out the young man.

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In a video uploaded to his social network, the youth explained that he was assaulted during his arrest and even hanged and dragged by three or four policemen, later turning him into a civic body in the Pilates neighborhood. sent to court. He changed the youth into separate patrols three times.

“If this happened to me today, it could probably happen to anyone outside, not just at the fair. We are in a community that is probably unsafe and you are suddenly arrested for doing your job ,” he mentioned in his video.

With regard to the situation, the communication sector of the SSPPC pointed out that there was no irrational use of force and indicated that the support to the arrest pertained to Article 11 Clause XIV and Article 72 and 14 Clause II of the Police and Road Regulations. Private Security Regulations c.


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