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FGO (FateGO) ‘s “Goodbye to Kamakura (Kamakura Event)” summarizes how to efficiently defeat rare enemies (tsuwamono enemies / strong enemies). Please see mission achievement and event lap.

Kamakura Event Summary

Rare enemy (tsuwamono) presence method and precautions

CCC collaboration specification instead of rare enemy


The capture team also misunderstood the icon, but this time the Tsuwamono enemy is not a rare enemy (summer event),Additional attendance types such as CCC… Since this is an additional appearance, delivery dress “Sew your sweet babyIf it is not equipped, it will not appear in the first place.

Because Tsuvamono’s enemies in plain appearance always appear regardless of the formal wear effect.If you don’t equip it, “extra” enemies will never appear.4

No confirmed drop drop

This is not a rare enemy, soNo confirmed drop drop… By increasing the number of enemies, the drop rate of materials will increase slightly, but QPs etc. will not be available with confirmation.

The additional presence probability of the combination becomes 100%


At the beginning, I recommend my friend’s non-convex + own frame 4. Finally, let’s aim for a fixed presence with the convexity of the friend + convex of the frame itself.

Number increase through free search

Benefits of adding rare enemies (tsuwamono)

① Mission moves efficiently

Screenshot 2021-01-21 14.52.36

When additional rare enemies appear,Increases the number of enemy defeats that can be advanced per questTherefore, the mission proceeds efficiently. If you want to reduce the number around Frick for your mission, try to dress as best you can.

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Improves content drop rate slightly

Because the number of enemies will increaseMaterial drop rate also increases slightly… While this is initially an error, it may be a difference that may not be stupid at the end of the frick.

In other words, it is beneficial given AP efficiency

Since the mission is easy to proceed and the drop rate is good, if you add rare enemiesImprove AP efficiency… If you want to clear the event with as few APs as possible, be sure to distribute formal wear “Sew your sweet babyFurnish it.

Add Damage to Rare Enemies (tsuwamono)

Be you won’t be able to move around for 3 turns

Screenshot 2021-01-21 14.53.30

Because additional enemies will appearBattle does not end in turn 3… If you think the treasure has been depleted in 3 times, it is better not to reveal it additionally.

You won’t be able to get around the system

Player - AndroidPlugin} -01212021114206

Enemy will appear extra = because the number of turns will increaseBuffer interrupted and system cannot be installed… Even if you hit it in the middle, the buff will be cut off in the first place, so there is a risk that the last wave’s firepower will be insufficient.

Those who want to move around easily with the system should not increase enemies.

Goodbye to kamkura

Kamakura Event Summary

List of enemy attributes required for missions

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