FidelityFX Super Resolution Is Added To GTA V Via A MOD

FidelityFX Super Resolution Is Added To GTA V Via A MOD

Modifiers are already adding the feature to the game, even without AMD’s technical source code.

recently amd announced amd FidelityFX Super ResolutionFSR, your advanced solution that promises to increase the frame rate. In the official announcement of several technology the developers talked That the feature was easy enough to implement, apparently they were right. That’s because of a mod maker gta v, without access to technology codes, can be easily implemented in the game of Rock Star.

hey mode is published. by user narutoua1337 Tax reddit, which claims to solve quite simply: Replacing the original GTA upscaler with the solution from amd. According to the developer, the fact that the game already has a custom rendering scale helps a lot when creating modifications, because This is the hardest part of implementing FSR in a game..

The most curious factor of this modification made by the user of reddit that is amd Official codes of not yet released FidelityFX Super Resolution For everyone else, he should be doing something this July. Because of this, He took codes from other games that already had the technology.Despite not being informed.

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This information only shows how easy the new technology is to implement. amd yes the developer said that It only took a few hours to implement the original prototype in the game. After that, he claims to spend “a few nights” making sure the feature works, fixing some bugs and polishing the code.

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On your publication No reddit, o narutoua1337 added some images to compare the image quality AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Off and on in display mode:

This is the first in a series of mods that will bring FSR For unsupported games, especially after amd Make technology officially available to everyone. In response to some of the questions in your post, the developer states that Games that already have their own advanced solutions will make it even easier to implement new technology.

Source: narutoua1337handjob WCCFTech

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