Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reveals with beautiful trailer

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reveals with beautiful trailer

it was no secret that square Enix worked in part 2 of Final Fantasy VII RemakeAfter all, the company has disclosed this information on several occasions in the past as well. well, in the meantime 25th Anniversary Celebration Livestream of Original PS1 GameThe publisher has finally shown the first trailer for New Edition: Final Fantasy VII Reborn.

The content provides an overview of the game with old familiar characters: Claude Strife, Areth Gainsborough, Sephiroth and Zack Phair. Not only that, it also features jaw-dropping graphics as well as some of the places the heroes will go after leaving Midgar City. watch:

Final Fantasy VII Reborn in the summer of 2023/2024 for PS5. will come on, hey Title is in “full production” stage And Movies-TV Shows Directed by Naoki Hamaguchio, which is also responsible for the first part. finally The game promises to explore the PS5’s unique technologiesEspecially when it comes to DualSense’s adaptive trigger and haptic feedback.

Also worth noting: The Square Enix remake was released as a . will complete with part 3Which has no release date yet.

Clarifying the Reincarnation and Crisis Core Windows

Amidst the announcements, some confusion arose among the community. So, let’s make it clear: Crisis Corps: Final Fantasy VII – Reunion This winter will arrive in the Northern Hemisphere, which means our next summer, between December 2022 and March 2023. Final Fantasy VII Reborn will arrive “next winter” (Northern Hemisphere), i.e. in the summer of Brazil which begins in December 2023 and ends in March 2024.

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The producer promised a rebirth of Final Fantasy VII in 2022

Every promise is debt, isn’t it? Well, on some occasionsYoshinori Kitase, the producer of the remake sequel, was promised that it would reveal the reincarnation sometime in 2022, Those words apparently weren’t thrown to the wind, were they?

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