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Rio de Janeiro, April 6, 2022 — The cloves It is a millennium product and has been mentioned in history studies around the world. So, now, Cozinha Fácil, the blog of Tecnonotícias, teaches you How to grow cloves This spice which is widely used in various cuisines ranging from savory to famous sweets.

Learn How To Grow Cloves: Know How To Make This Amazing Spice

Clove is a medium sized plant, which makes the environment more beautiful as well as provides a great shade for hot days. In addition, it is worth knowing how to grow it in order to get a great historical spice at home. That’s why we have separated some tips on how to make cloves the right way.

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clove facts

Learn how to grow cloves – Image: Canva Pro

Firstly, cloves are known for their spice power and how they enhance the overall culinary flavor. For this reason, the plant was one of the best-sellers and desired during the commercial exchange of the previous centuries.

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In addition, cloves can be a great natural insecticide, as their smell confuses the senses of mosquitoes and drives them away. Which in a way has a beneficial effect in reducing mosquitoes that breed in places with more vegetation.

However, the first flowering of this plant can take up to 6 years. For this reason, growing a clove requires a lot of patience while waiting for it to mature. Well, it may take time, but it will be beneficial once you start harvesting.

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Right Temperature for Cloves

First, cloves are big fans of moist tropical and subtropical climates, meaning they prefer climates with high temperatures, such as Brazil.

As such, if you want to plant cloves, you should live in areas with a constant temperature of at least 10°, or that varies between 20° to 30°, as these temperatures are ideal for good flowering. Spices right.

how to plant cloves

So, to plant cloves you need seeds or cuttings. For seeds, you can use seeds that have just been harvested and aren’t completely dry, as they can germinate effectively if they aren’t at least a little wet.

Once this is done, you do not need to cover the seeds with soil, just place the seeds on top of the soil to conserve moisture. If you’ve never planted it this way, don’t worry, because it will work out in the end.

Clove Maintenance and Harvesting

To have a beautiful, resistant, and healthy plant, you must continually fertilize with prepared ingredients or even produce your own. For homemade ingredients, you can use fruit peels, coffee grounds, and other organic ingredients.

Finally, after a certain amount of time you can harvest cloves. The correct way of harvesting this way is to remove the flower buds and keep them to dry in the sun. You can buy this spice in grocery stores, markets and supermarkets.

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