Fiocruz says the expired batches were not produced by the institution – News

Fiocruz says the expired batches were not produced by the institution - News

Fiocruz (Osvaldo Cruz Foundation) said that batches of AstraZeneca’s vaccines were applied since time immemorial was not created by the organization. The survey shows that 1,532 municipalities used expired vaccinations. The health ministry has denied involvement.

“Part of the batch (initial number 4120Z) refers to imported quantities prepared from the Serum Institute in India, called Covishield, and distributed by Fiocruz to the Ministry of Health’s PNI (National Immunization Programme) in January this year. of February of the year”, clarifies the foundation in a note.

According to Fiocruz, the other batches mentioned were provided by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). The organization is yet to respond to queries sent by the report.

“All doses of vaccines imported from India (Covishield) were distributed by Fiocruz in January and February within the expiration date and in agreement with the Ministry of Health, to enable anticipation of the implementation of the National Plan for Conducting Immunization. Against Covid-19, in view of the pandemic situation,” the note’s text says.

Fiocruz also informs that it is supporting PNI in India by seeking information from the manufacturer to subsidize the program’s guidelines for those who have taken expired vaccines.


Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) also published a note to explain that it does not participate in the logistics of implementing vaccination agents. “The agency works to evaluate the quality, safety and efficacy of vaccines and the manufacturing conditions of companies involved in the production of both the active pharmaceutical ingredients and the finished product,” he said in a statement.

According to the agency, the assessed data, including stability studies under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity, define the shelf life and storage conditions of the product, affecting delivery logistics.

The agency informed that it had not received a request from AstraZeneca for analysis on the extension of the vaccine’s validity period or was consulted about the application of the product after the deadline set in the package insert.

“The quality, safety and efficacy data assessed by Anavisa refers to the product within its approved validity period. Efficacy and safety are not guaranteed in vaccines with expired validity periods”, concludes the note.

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