‘First Cow’ depicts friendship and survival in a capitalist world

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what a dark movie this is First Cow: America’s First Cow, which will finally hit theaters this Thursday. 3. Directed by Kelly Richard (interesting some women), feature film inspired by the novel half life, from Jonathan Raymond – who, by the way, writes the script for the film with Richard. It’s a simple film, in short, but never simple.

Finally, check out this story: Cook Cookie (John Magaro, extraordinary) is hired by an expedition in the distant year of 1820, to be a supplier of food. It is he who hunts, prepares food, serves. During this campaign, in the state of Oregon, Cookie meets King-Liu (orion lee), a Chinese who is on the run from a group of Russians seeking revenge.

They soon spark a sincere, spontaneous friendship. The cook helps the Orientales survive in the American land, at a time when everything is too difficult. This is the moment of existence. And it’s looking for ways to survive that the two start stealing milk from the only cow in the area, owned by a wealthy man.Toby Jones)

It’s a modern western, like Recent let him go also introduced us, with its dry setting, brutal storyline and strange characters. At first glance, this sounds like the story of these two stealing milk and surviving in the American West. But it is much more than that. first cow A film that talks about friendship and above all about life in a capitalist world.

First of all, with the Chinese man is the complete symbol of mutual help of the American. Everyone has knowledge, there is something to contribute. Things move forward when they work together. The picture is almost impossible to be seen at that time first cow was accomplished, as the United States still lived in the shadow of the Trump government and anti-China agenda.

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Further, following the same steps, Richard takes an in-depth look at the capitalist system, paying special attention to self made man American. Cookie and Qing-Liu have wisdom. They know how to convert that milk into money in dollars. However, they are not supposed to control the means of production. They are thus at the mercy of the rich.

It’s a simple, yet powerful and profound critique that the filmmaker and co-writer makes about the current economic system. What is exhaust? Embellishing it all, to top it all, is the great production design of Anthony Gasparo – Wrongfully turned down at the 2021 Oscars. It’s a powerful 19th-century entertainment with attention to detail. The setting is a character.

otherwise also: first cow, which got silly subtitles America’s first cow In Brazil, it’s a movie. For sensitive people, it requires diving into deeper layers. It is not easy to get into the mood for the film and not accept the ideas that Richard brings to the screen. But the fact is, few movies in 2021, arouse such fascination.

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