Five reasons to watch Combat Zone, new Netflix movie · TV News

Five reasons to watch Combat Zone, new Netflix movie · TV News

After announcing a strategy to release an unprecedented film a week in 2021, Netflix premiered Zone de Combat, a war drama starring Anthony Mackie (Marvel Universe’s Hawk in theaters) and Joe Friday (15) Reached the stage list. .

In the plot directed by the Swedish director Mikael Håfström (escape route), is the year 2036 and the world is facing a new war in Eastern Europe that includes the United States, Russia and Ukraine. At this time, it became common to use lumps, robots that serve as soldiers and assist humans in battle.

While extremist militants were led by the brutal Viktor Koval (Pilou Asbeck) They demand the reunification of Ukrainian territory for the Russians, with a group of rebels describing the resistance as a struggle to maintain their independence. Americans also enter into armed conflict, with speech beaten to maintain peace.

In the middle of the war, Harp (Damson Idris) is a US Air Force soldier specializing in drones. When the two companions decide to die in a hurry, the jawan is transferred to the battlefield with Captain Leo (McKay) in the conflict zone.

To Harp’s surprise, Leo is more than a soldier with the highest rank: the captain is the result of an experiment that turns robots into fighting machines, but with a human presence – a model (much) better than Gamp.

Together, they infiltrate the conflict zone to bring hostages of population to the conflict zone and try to end the conflict that has already caused thousands of deaths. During the journey, however, they learn that in war, there are no good people or bad people – and the consequences of those who lived will never be forgotten.

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bottom TV news Five reasons listed for entering the Combat Zone:

Disclaimer / Netflix

Harp and Leo ready for battle

Beautiful stunt

Anthony McKee’s time in the Marvel Universe developed him into an action star. His fight scenes in Combat Zone are very well choreographed and second to none from Hero films and other hit films like John Wick and Rescue Franchise (2020).

With abilities that sound like superpower, Leo is a character to face skilled fighters like Batman, who knows, even Captain America – a thing that Mackeni needs to do in his Disney + Falcon and Winter Soldier series Should be accepted after participation.

Quality effect

The visual effects of the feature simply do not work during Leo’s acrobatics. Even if on a smaller scale, his “mechanical” side is fully revealed, not to mention the armies of robots that appear in the fight throughout the film.

It also has aerial scenes featuring the protagonist pilot and his drone, who fly to the battlefield at moments of conspiracy.

Debate on armed conflict

With the chaos of the war covering part of Eastern Europe, a discussion about the existence of good people and villains surrounds a good portion of the script signed by the pair Rob Yescombe and Rowan Athle. Focused on Harp’s vision, Combat Zone reflects the views of everyone involved in the conflict: American, extremist and so-called resistance.

Everyone believes that they are on the right and accomplishing their goals, in this case, for the greater good. But it is only when Harp goes to the area that he learns what it is to live a war and how it affects the lives of millions of people. Described as a cold man, the boy begins to give more value to those who were just collateral damage, from his drone’s camera.

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Role of the united states

Without going into too much detail, Zona de Combate criticizes the history of the American stand and its involvement in armed conflicts in recent decades.

While most films extol the nationalist power and passion of Americans as their flag and their value as a nation, Håfström is not limited to simplistic speech and attack (without mercy), a misleading idea that, since always, they deserve praise.

O carisma de mackay

Even though Harp is the guiding force of the tale, it is Mackie’s charisma that sustains the hero’s saga on the battlefield with Leo.

Very clever, the character plays with the fact that he is inexperienced in life (in the film, he was made only five years ago) and makes fun of Harp all the time, always looking like some friends and possessing his captaincy rights. Challenges McKee may not be a great actor for the theatrical genre, but he certainly has enough charisma to lead an action and comedy franchise.

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