Flamengo gets full bleaching for continental title in basketball – 04/13/2021

Flamengo gets full bleaching for continental title in basketball - 04/13/2021

It seems like a distant dream: a Brazilian team that plays an important final is almost completely in the stands. But it will take place today (13) with the Flamengo men’s basketball team, which enters the court in Managua, Nicaragua in front of 5,000 fans of rival Real Esteli in search of the Champions League title America, former League of America, former winner of the US . Which brings together the best teams in the southern United States.

Nicaragua reported fewer than 200 deaths by Kovid – a number fought by the international community as a hacker group revealed documents that the government released makeup data – and, with the disease under control, the final stages of the competition Applied to obtain. Its rules changed that year.

All eight qualifiers of the first round, played by four groups of four, traveled to Managua to play the quarter-finals, semi and finals in just four days. And local authorities have authorized the presence of 70% of the capacity of the Alexis Arguello Sports Complex, a modern area for more than 8,000 people. This means that about 5,000 people are participating in tournament games, and this should not be any different in today’s finals.

“It was strange. About 5,000 people in the gym, after playing for so long with the empty gym, it was really different. The public is essential in the gym, it gives life more inspiration. I hope we can Get rid of the terrible epidemic. As soon as possible and that we the public in Brazil is back “, comments Flamengo coach Gustavo di Conti.

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His team will play its second Champions League final The union America in just five months. The 2019/2020 season closed in March with overtime of the game, which made Fla eligible to make the decision, and only returned in October, when Brazil’s team were defeated by Quisma in the final played in Uruguay.

According to Gustavinho, that game is still in memory. “I believe that when we make a mistake, we always have to remember them so that they are not recreated. Last season’s defeat to Quimsa is very much alive in my head, but I try to learn, And not with bitterness, motivation or control. “

To arrive at the decision, Flamengo won four of the four matches with the toughest group in the first leg, with Instituto de Córdoba (Argentina) and Minas Tennis Club. Rubro-Negro raced Cabalos de Coakle from Panama in the quarter-finals and took no chances against Sao Paulo on Sunday. This is despite the significant absence of Franco Balbi, Chujito and Olivinha.

“Although we are undefeated, it is not easy to play without 3 players of the size and importance of Balbi, Chujito and Olivinha, who suffered injuries in this final stretch. If there is a favorite, I think it would be Real Bailey. Maybe. Is complete, there are many international players and play at home. But we are flamengo and we have experienced players, are used to big games, and, as always, we are very organized and technical. Roopa will enter the match. We will leave everything on the court. For another title “, promises Gustavinho.

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The final of the tournament will begin at 10:10 pm and will be broadcast live on DAZN. Flamengo should repeat the semi-final lineup and begin the game with Yago, Lucas Martinez, Marquinhos, Leo Demetrio and Rafael Mineiro. To reach the finals, Real Esteli edged out Cesi / Franca in the quarter-finals and Minas in the semi-finals.

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