Flamengo in the top-10 and Brazil in the limelight; Twitter’s Top 20 Views

Flamengo in the top-10 and Brazil in the limelight;  Twitter's Top 20 Views

credit: Disclosure / Marcelo Cortes / Flamengo

This Tuesday (10), Company Sports and Finance Another survey on the engagement of clubs released on Twitter. And once again Flamengo appeared in the headlines. The Carioca club was ranked 6th, behind only Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Fenerbahçe and Chelsea.

However, it was not just the Rio team that achieved an expressive performance in April. This is because the presence of Atlético-MG, Palmeiras and Corinthians has been relied upon among all sports teams in the world’s top-20.

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Significant numbers of Brazilians in April

As you can see in the ranking above, Brazil had four players in the top 20 sports teams on Twitter last month. This is a performance that should be commended, after all, European giants don’t even make the list. Two examples are Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Another important point to be mentioned is that this survey by Deportes & Finanzas is not only related to football. This is evident from the presence of cricket teams in addition to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.

It only helps to show how the number of Brazilians is worthy of praise. With the exception of the Warriors, we have no other American franchises in the top 20. Remembering that both the NBA and the NFL, to name the two main leagues, have huge global reach.

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Twitter Ranking Metrics

The Deportes & Finanzas study is conducted monthly, measuring the interactions fans have with clubs. The ranking only considers numbers related to official accounts of clubs on social networks.

With regards to Twitter, the sum of:

  • shares
  • Likes
  • notes

Remembering that there are clubs whose profiles are divided by categories/sports and in this case the study separates these numbers. This happens, for example, with the Corinthians, who have an account promoting women’s football. Unlike Flamengo, which now comes with a unique profile to promote the main sports of the club.

Flamengo’s off-field work

Despite the applause-worthy engagement, clubs are still a long way off from discovering the digital world. There are few initiatives to retain fans or even convert these numbers into revenue.

However, Flamengo is showing signs of working in this direction. This is because the club recently closed a partnership with SPORTSFIVE to make the club’s brand work in the digital world. Initially the focus will be on America. But the forecast is that it will be extended to other countries as well.

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