Flash is not dead yet! How to use Flash when you need it in 2021 – youivz.cz

Flash is not dead yet!  How to use Flash when you need it in 2021 – youivz.cz

We strongly discourage the use of Adobe Flash technology. However, there may be situations where there is no residue and older materials will be required. The first version of its launch will rely on browser add-ons, the second on virtual machines with older software versions.

The beginning of 2021 was, among other things, the long-awaited end of Adobe Flash. This continuous (and unfortunately many important business applications) of the web has long been proven to be a dangerous component of the system as well as technically discontinued for today’s mobile devices. If the website is to work cross-platform, it should also be responsive and optimized for the many offerings that we use on phones and tablet displays.

Flash simply did not accomplish this, and it was recommended for desktop-to-mobile systems. Most web browsers did not include this for a long time and it was necessary to install it as an external add-on, but now this option has also fallen. In addition, Microsoft will ban older web browsers to run Flash applications as part of the update in the coming months. But there will still be a lot of websites and services that will require Flash. We will show you two methods that will solve the absence of Flash in standard browsers, at least temporarily.

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