Nintendo’s new game and watch handhold proves the company is on its way

Nintendo's new game and watch handhold proves the company is on its way

It’s been a busy week for video game hardware. This week saw the launch of two next-generation platforms, with the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S devices. Each platform is built around new advances such as ray-tracing and fast-loading SSDs. Meanwhile, Nintendo is releasing today … a watch that plays Super Mario Bros.. This may seem like a strange time, but it’s true given Nintendo’s history: it’s a company that almost always goes its own way.

New Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.. A very cute piece of hardware. Designed after the classic game and watch handhold – the predecessor of Game Boy – with a color scheme inspired by the original Japanese Femicom console. In terms of functionality, the device is incredibly straightforward. It has three built-in games, especially the first one SMB The game. There is also Super Mario Bros. 2, Better known in the West Lost levels, A truly evil sequel that remixes the first game with tricky features like Killer Mushrooms. Rounding the lineup Child, A simple-yet-surprising-fun adaptation of the 1980’s LCD juggling game, this time starring Mario.

Games are all fixed ports, and the screen is nice and bright while the handhold has a nice D-pad. Whenever I have a few spare minutes I find myself playing games and watching regularly on one or two levels. The lack of freelance is almost good: I can really just focus on playing the game. It also has state savings, so you can pause the game and go back to the same place whenever you want. Outside of games, the main function of Game & Watch is like a clock. A face button simply reads “Time”, and pushing it will return one Super Mario– Plumber walk and watch along with classic mushroom Kingdom locale jumping. The in-game time of day changes with the real world.

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Photo: Nintendo

To be honest, the device is a complete innovation. There are better and easier ways to play both Super Mario Bros. And check the time. But Game & Watch has the right mix of old memories and functionality to test for me. I certainly don’t is required This, but I want it. It’s similar to Nintendo’s line of miniature consoles, which launched a surprisingly long-running trend since its NES Classic release in 2016.

Here’s the thing: Only Nintendo will release a weekly, innovation the same week that its biggest competitors are launching enthusiastic home consoles. The situation is indicative of Nintendo as a whole. While Sony and Microsoft are focused on outsourcing each other, Nintendo is in a world of its own, divorcing from concerns like frame rate or 3D audio or 4K graphics.

This is not always a good thing. Often, Nintendo’s one-sided nature leads directly to failures, such as the Wii U ahead of its time. But for now, the company’s distinct focus is a clear positive. Recently, Nintendo revealed that the Switch has been the best-selling console in the United States for 23 straight months, and its global lifetime sales will soon take over Nintendo 3D. Meanwhile, A.Nimal Crossing: New Horizon – which was only released in March of this year – is already Switch’s second best-selling game, surpassing more than 26 million copies.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Maybe one day Nintendo will finally release a 4K switch, as has been rumored for a long time. At the moment, however, the company’s current philosophy – that an underpower tablet with great games is the best experience for most people – is working. And it looks like the next-generation console scare won’t change that.

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