Fluminous striker seen as the ‘new Neymar’ in the city’s sights. Football

Fluminous striker seen as the 'new Neymar' in the city's sights.  Football


, Only 17 years old, wears today’s shirt Fluminense
And is already seen by the European press “Next Neymar”
Being described by a tabloid report Sun
This week is called “Player of Rhythm, Skills and Goals”.

The player’s fame has already reached among the great clubs of that continent and according to a UK publication, the young man will be in the crosshairs Manchester City
, Which could offer him R $ 158 million to knock him out of the Rio team.

The comparison with the Brazilian ace is due to Kaki’s excessive speed and control of the ball, which reminds the PSG striker and attracts attention.

Premier League leader, team of Pep Guardiola
He would have already spoken to the boy in search of a solution.

Picked up last year’s cup Brazil U-17 Championship
Wearing a shirt Puffing.
Recently, his coach, Guilherm Torres, said in an interview with Goal Portal that the boy stood out in matches in addition to being “very intelligent as well as always giving good help to his colleagues”.

Despite speculation, Fluminense does not confirm any contact by the English club.

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