Focus Colloquium Talks with M. Dias Branco and Marquise Officials about Economy with Advanced Immunization – Focus. Empower

Focus Colloquium Talks with M. Dias Branco and Marquise Officials about Economy with Advanced Immunization - Focus. Empower

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Vaccination has accelerated the return of the economy. Europe and the United States, with high rates of vaccination, are following in the wake of resuming economic activities. Germany raised its GDP estimate to 3.5% by the end of the year and registered about 30% of the population, which received its first dose of an immunization agent. England is gradually suspending the lockdown and has already issued indoor activities such as pubs, cafes and other establishments. The same is true for cinema and sports facilities.

For example, the USA also showed clear numbers. US GDP increased by 6.1% in the first quarter of 2021.

In the world’s richest country, those who are fully immunized (with two doses of vaccines) can now walk without masks and even do indoor activities. And Brazil? When will Brazil’s economy take a more sustainable flight? What will the business be like as vaccination progresses?

These and other business matters will be discussed in another focus colloquium on May 25 at 8 pm. Journalists and editors of this time Focus, Fabio Campos, will interview two important executives: Gustavo Theodozio, vice president of the M. Dias Branco Group and Luiz Gustavo Viana, CFO of the Marquis Group.


Gustavo Lopes Theodozio, Vice President of the M.Dias Branco Group, has a degree in business administration, an MBA in business management and a master’s degree in accounting and control. He m. On December 2, 2019. Dias took over the position left by Geraldo Luciano in Branco.

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He held leadership positions in the financial and investor relations areas at companies such as Biosev (Louis Dreyfus Company), Unipar Carbokloro (Solvay Indupa), JBS (JBS Kouros, Vigor and Itambe) and Grupo JCPM (Bompreco Supermarcados do NE and Sistema Jornal do) worked on. Do comercio de comunicação), among others.

Luiz Gustavo is the financial and administrative director of Vianna Grupo Marquise. Baino, an executive from São Paulo, has more than 12 years of experience in leadership positions, a degree in business administration, an MBA from FGV and a master’s in management from the Federal University of Bahia.

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