Fokruz to purchase the Oxford vaccine from a manufacturer in India to ensure vaccination in Brazil. Vaccination

Fokruz to purchase the Oxford vaccine from a manufacturer in India to ensure vaccination in Brazil.  Vaccination

The Oswaldo Cruise Foundation (FiroCruz) announced on Sunday (3) that it would purchase the vaccine from the Serum Institute in India to guarantee vaccination in Brazil. Antibody supplements will be purchased with technology produced by ImmunZeneca and the University of Oxford.

The Foundation confirmed that the application’s forecast for registration of the vaccine is 15 January. This month the first batch should also arrive with inputs for dose production in the country. This Saturday (2), the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) had already approved the import of 2 million doses of the vaccine at the request of Fiocruz.

On 30 December Fiocruz, president of Nísia Trindade said, “Our registration is already being submitted by mid-January, with the possibility of final delivery of documents by the date of 15 January.”

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Fiocruz will deliver documents for the registration of the Oxford vaccine by 15 January

The forecast is that First batch with 1 million doses is given between 8 and 12 February.

Oxford’s vaccine, developed in partnership with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, has effectiveness that varies between 62% and 90% depending on the dose applied, according to a study published in early December in the scientific journal “Lancet” .

See Ferozu’s full note:

“Since the onset of the epidemic, according to the National Immunization Operations Plan against Coorid-19, FioCruz has been promoting efforts to save lives and contribute to vaccination as soon as possible. The discovery of ready doses against the vaccine. Kovid -19 has always been on the agenda for dealings with the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca. In a recent meeting with the Ministry of Health and Firucruz, Astrazeneca presented the current scenario and the feasibility of delivering ready doses to the Brazilian government to anticipate the beginning . Reduces serious problems caused by vaccination and epidemics.

The registration of the vaccine on 30 December in the United Kingdom, in addition to countries such as Argentina and India, paved the way for approval of an extraordinary import order for two million ready doses of Envisa made by FeroCruz and an authorization request. For its emergency use, which will be formally given to Anvisa this week.

Firacoz will acquire ready-made vaccines from the Serum Institute in India, one of the centers for vaccine production. According to an already widely publicized program, a strategy is formulated and production is initiated for the introduction of vaccination in January with imported doses. Fixed registration requests are maintained for January 15 and the arrival of the first batch of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (IFA) is scheduled for January.

By July 2021, the institution will deliver 110, 4 million doses to PNI in the week of February 8 to 12, with the first delivery being one million doses. With the incorporation of completed technology, Fiocruz will have the capacity to produce more than 110 million in the second half of 2021. In this way, Fiocruz reaffirms its commitment to public health and the Integrated Health System (SUS). “

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