For all Gmail users…Google allows direct calls

لجميع مستخدمي Gmail…جوجل تتيح خاصية إجراء المكالمات المباشرة

From time to time, Google provides its users with a lot of services that they need on a daily basis, and recently announced a special feature for Gmail email application, which is similar to Gmail for Android and iPhone users. There is an opportunity to contact anyone directly through the medium. , because it has contributed to facilitating many tasks. For its users around the world, we explain to you the details of this feature below.

direct call feature

According to a report released by PhoneArena, all users of the Gmail application from around the world are able to make meetings and voice calls, and it is also possible to join in-person chats via the Google Chat option available within the Gmail application for smartphones, and it Worth noting that this new feature is not available on web systems.

To use this feature normally, all users of the Gmail application must specify a phone or video number and be located at the top right of the chat so that the desired person can be contacted directly, and in the call by the user After selecting to join the “Google Chat” app, it will go directly to the Gmail app.

How to use Direct Calling feature

As soon as you join a Gmail call, select Phone or Video within the chat, provided there’s a banner for the person you’re calling with via the Gmail application, as will the call duration and a Meet icon. have been shown. Also in the chat list, it is possible to use the red phone or video icon inside the conversation. The chat list of missed calls is also shown.

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It’s worth noting that the new feature is available by default on all iPhone and Android phones, but you’ll need to have the latest version of the Gmail application installed to activate it, and it’s been reported that Google recently updated Gmail. version has been launched. For all smartphone users, however, it may take only two weeks to ensure access to all users.

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