For illegal contracts with Petrobras, Samsung Heavy Industries discontinues indebtedness – contractspoca Negócios

Samsung Shipyard signs agreement in Lava-Jato to pay R $ 811 million for bribes in Brazil - ospoca Negóosos

Samsung Heavy Industries Shipyard in Geoje, South Korea (Photo: disclosure)

The company Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the world’s largest shipbuilding companies, signed on Monday, 22, entered into a contract with Petrobras for a liability on illegal. Samsung has committed to pay, within 30 days, an amount of R $ 811,786,743.49.

The term is part of a global resolution made between officials of the company, the US and Brazil – in this case, the Comptroller and Auditor General of the Union (CGU), the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF). Of the total paid by Samsung, a portion, R $ 705,901,516.10, will be allocated to Petrobras for reimbursement.

The remainder, R $ 105,885,227.39, matches the fines provided for Article 12 of the Administrative Reform Law, and will be returned to the federal government. The company is also committed to updating and improving its governance and compliance policies, including controls. And inspection mechanism, should it sign the contract again in Brazil.

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), which participated in the negotiations, also agreed to allocate 50% of the fines imposed under the agreement signed to Brazilian entities in 2019, according to the agreement established on Monday, amounting to US Is $ 37, 5 million. Since 2017, 13 agreements have been signed with companies investigated for harmful acts.

According to CGU, the return to public coffer is over R $ 14.50 billion, and, out of the agreements already signed, over R $ 4 billion has been paid so far. Another 26 transaction agreements continue. Reportedly, SHI said it “has signed a transaction agreement with Brazilian authorities, but cannot disclose more details about the deal at this time.”

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