For iPhone holders… An important Apple update to protect your phone from hacking… KNOW DETAILS

company Camel From other smartphone companies, it relies on a policy of use to protect its users from hacking or malicious programs, and accordingly, the American company Apple released an immediate update for all its users, which is compatible with iOS for all iPhone phones. Updated 15.0.2. , as well as the iPadOS 15.0.2 update for all iPads, and that to address a serious security vulnerability in its users’ devices.

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Critical Vulnerability in iPhone Phones

And according to what was published by the “TechCrunch” website, which specializes in technology and smartphones, there is a serious security vulnerability that damages memory and allows certain applications to execute arbitrary code in Apple devices. which leads to destruction, some actions and many problems.

Thus, malicious programs and those responsible for hackers may try to exploit this vulnerability in iPhone and iPad phones, causing the devices to shut down and cause significant damage. iOS 15.0.2 and iPadOS 15.0.2 The update fixes bugs caused by vulnerabilities in iPhones and iPads devices.

For iPhone holders... An important Apple update to protect your phone from hacking... KNOW DETAILS
apple phone

Apple’s new update release date

The company “Apple” published a report indicating the need to update the phones of its users immediately, and accordingly it announced that the iOS 15.0.2 update is now available and available to all Apple users of modern devices, And it’s also possible to access the Apple Support page to find out more information about the update, and to announce that Apple has already started fixing a vulnerability in its operating system that is believed to have been caused by hackers. Enables you to penetrate the iPhone with Pegasus malware.

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