For Members View March Title – Olhar Digital

For Members View March Title - Olhar Digital

a Sony Friday (26) revealed what the March titles would be like for PlayStation Plus customers. Among the titles, there are some big ones, such as “Final Fantasy VII Remake” and “Relic: From Ashes”. For the latter, except for “Maquette” and “Farpoint” Ps vr.

Games can already be played by PS Plus members starting next Tuesday (2 nd) and will be available until 5 April. Some games will be available for PS4 and all of them PS5 And to download, just keep up to date with your subscription and have a good internet connection.


Regarding the Final Fantasy VII remake, Sony stated that the game would be available on PlayStation 4. In addition, the version available to members will not be compatible with the digital upgrade for PlayStation 5.

The “Maquette” game, on the other hand, will only be available to owners of the latest Sony consoles. Although there is a PS4 version of the game, it will not be available to members. So, if you like puzzle games, you have to feel out of your pocket.

In addition to the news, “Destruction All Stars”, which was made available to PS5 owners in February, will be available in March.

Check out the summary of the games below

The last Fantasy VII remake | PS4


The Final Fantasy VII remake was released in 2020 and, as the name suggests, is a remake of the 1997 Square Enix classic. The game reproduces the story of the events of Midgar until the group’s escape, but with greater prosperity than the original.

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The remains: From The ashes | PS4

In this third-person shooter and survival game, you play as one of the last remaining humans, trying to recapture a world dominated by demonic inter-offensive invaders.

The sample | PS5

Everything is huge at the same time in this intriguing puzzle game inspired by Etcher’s work. By manipulating the environment of a diorama, you see the changes seen in the life-size world around you.

nooks and crannies | Ps vr

Master an arsenal to survive in a hostile alien world, find your lost space station alone or with a friend in online cooperative mode, in this free moving shooter.

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