For some people, buying luxury private jets with travel restrictions gains momentum.

For some people, buying luxury private jets with travel restrictions gains momentum.

Executive planes are mainly used by large businessmen in Brazil and cost BRL 338 million. Might be possible

Image Bank / PixabayA private jet costs BRL 338 million. Might be possible

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many people preferred to flee the airports cluster and started using executive aviationDespite the more expensive prices. The indicated increase in movement was 20% higher in 2021 than the previous year. CEO of Brazilian Association of General Aviation (Abag), Flavio Pires, highlights that another factor that contributed to this migration was the constriction of the traditional air network. “In May, there was a significant reduction in the operations of airlines at all airports due to circumstances, due to lack of options in the executive flight, regular air network. They essentially took off about 4 to 44 places. and other places needed service by other means, and Brazil, because it is very large, very spread, actually used general aviation aircraft for this purpose during that period”, he says.

Those who need to move fast in the business world, where time is money, turn to executive planes. This luxury is expensive. Prices skyrocket to buy an airplane, but there is no shortage of buyers. A private plane can cost as much as US$62 million, which equates to $338 million. A plane, for example, can fly between So Paulo and Moscow, Russia, bringing benefits and comforts without stopping. Rodrigo Pessoa, vice president of Latin America, a manufacturer of sophisticated and high-performance aircraft, highlights the profiles of those seeking this feature. “In Brazil, in general, they are big businessmen who use it mainly for work. Obviously, they also use it for holidays, travel, leisure, but mainly for work”, they say.

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Flying in a jet is almost like a dream. The seat has a panel on which you can control all the features, such as the brightness of the cabin, the temperature, you can observe the route of the plane and the speed at which it is traveling, and with a simple touch, Open the window The food on board also has a special menu with very sophisticated service. Living in the clouds with so many comforts is expensive. Rodrigo Pessoa lists the determining factors when deciding to buy a very high added value good: “Time, optimizes safety, an aircraft with relatively low operating costs and gives you flexibility. That’s really what they’re looking for the most,” he says.

Some people are fortunate to enjoy such convenience, and Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world. Abag’s CEO, Flavio Pires, indicates that demand is such that used aircraft for sale are in short supply. Brazil tops the largest fleet on the planet. “We are among the top three markets in the world. The United States clearly draws the line far ahead. But we are ahead of many countries. Brazil and Canada have long been, with considerable assets, for this sub-leadership. We have a significant fleet in Brazil, about 16 thousand commercial aviation aircraft, which we call, under other regulations another 10 thousand aircraft, are not monitored here in our daily lives, because we do business activity but we have aviation experimental, sporty, very strong even in Brazil”, he explains.

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